MTU Hosts First-Ever IT Showcase


HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) — Change isn’t always easy to embrace, especially when it comes to technology.

It’s a concept that was presented during the second day of the Computer Showcase event at Michigan Tech University. Dianne Marsh, director of device and content security at Netflix, explains how the change benefits us in the long run.

“Students who have the chance to think about it when they are not being pushed into change can have the chance to think about it and process it can have a healthy perspective of change, they will be in a better position to be able to ride through waves of change they’re going to experience,” Marsh said.

Marsh’s presentation also included a conversation exercise where participants talked about a change they had experienced. In addition to presentations, the event offers panels and workshops to demonstrate career options and computer engineering opportunities.

MTU Institute of Computing and Cybersystems Deputy Director Amanda Stump explained why the event is important.

“We want to show the widespread use of computers. Even if you’re in a humanities program or something where you think you won’t use computers, chances are you will in some form. We want to make computing more accessible and inclusive.

Stump says IT is the backbone of almost every industry.

“We see it happening in the humanities, with smartphones and the things people work with every day. Even through health care you walk in and see computers being used for x-rays and even medical records.

The Computing Showcase event continues tomorrow in the Memorial Union Building.

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