Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Trailer Reveals Netflix’s New Stephen King Movie


Netflix has released the spooky new trailer for Mr. Harrigan’s phonethe latest horror film to join Stephen King’s new lineup of adaptations.

King has seen some resurgence lately. With a slew of new novels coming out, remakes of This, Pet semataryand new versions of his new books with hit HBO series like the stranger and the Apple TV Plus adaptation of Mr Mercedes, he had such a hot decade as the 1980s treated him when he was still the new kid on the horror block. A new trailer for Mr. Harrigan’s phonefrom Ryan Murphy and Blumhouse Productions and Netflix, has dropped to date, leaving fans with a bout of that kingly goodness that’s both nostalgic and terrifying.


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The trailer, dropped off by netflix on their YouTube channel sees stars Jaeden Martell and Donald Sutherland as Craig and the titular Mr. Harrigan who Craig gives the eponymous phone to. John Lee Hancock, who wrote and directed the film, will see his film drop as the fourth in a series of Netflix/King adaptations, which include Thomas Jane starring Thomas Jane 1922, In the tall grassand Gerald’s game, the vehicle starring Carla Gugino and written and directed by Mike Flanagan. The trailer begins with Mr. Harrigan talking about how much a different person Craig is now than when he and Mr. Harrigan first met on plans of Craig growing up in Jaeden Martell as he reads to Harrigan .

He asks the boy why he keeps visiting him and Craig replies, “Because I like spending time together.” The next shot is of Craig giving Mr. Harrigan a brand new iPhone, anchoring the film as a setting circa 2007. Craig gets bullied at school and then asks Mr. Harrigan if anyone has ever tried to take advantage of him and how he got away with it. this. “Hardly,” said Harrigan.

Harrigan dies and Craig slips the phone into his pocket at the funeral. Then, when beaten, he calls Harrigan’s voicemail and tells his former friend what happened. Addressing Harrigan’s housekeeper, he mentions that Harrigan was a good man, though the housekeeper adds that you don’t want to be on her bad side.

When the bully dies, Craig feels guilty. When he starts getting interrupted text messages and calls back from a phone whose battery should have long since run out, he knows things are getting serious. As her school counselor told her, “A person shouldn’t call unless they want an answer.”

Mr. Harrigan’s phone debuts on Netflix on October 5, 2022.

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