Monroe County has a new K-9 with an interesting skill set


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has a new member on their team. He is only one year old and has an incredible sense of smell. His skills will be used to assist in the investigation of Internet crimes and human trafficking.

His name is Stretch and it was his first week on the job. He’s a labrador retriever.

Dogs have been helping people for centuries. They are part of police departments around the world and some are now trained to detect things that might surprise you.

Stretch is an electronic device detection dog. This means it can find everything from hard drives to cell phones and USB sticks.

“It can detect a component in any device that stores memory. He’s like a flashlight. It’s another tool we can use to help ward off people who commit crimes,” Liedel said.

Deputy James Liedel is Stretch’s manager.

“He surprises me every day. It’s really remarkable what he can do,” Liedel said.

MP Liedel says electronic devices are often a valuable source of information when it comes to internet crimes and human trafficking cases.

“Many criminals store evidence on devices ranging from SD cards to a computer,” Liedel said. “He’s able to help us bring all that evidence into play when we’re being sued. Her work can also help us find victims of human trafficking who need help.

Stretch is trained to detect a chemical found in electronic devices. Food is his reward.

“When we do research, his nose immediately goes from nothing mode to smell mode. It locates things that I can’t see. It will smell it and go straight for it. It’s amazing to watch. electronic devices. For example, I have my cell phone with me at all times and he knows not to tap on it. It’s very accurate when it comes to showing him where to look.

Stretch was originally training to be a comfort dog. It was discovered that this line of work would suit him best. He trained professionally in Indiana for several months. Assistant Liedel also completed an intensive two-week material handling course.

Training always occupies an important place in his day. Stretch and Deputy Liedel train at least two hours a day.

“We train every day to not only keep him competent, but to make him better.”

Stretch is well on its way to making a real difference in the community it serves.

Stretch was named after a deceased member of the Shielded Souls Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. The club donated the money to purchase and train the K-9. Club members were recently able to meet Stretch.

He is one of only three Electronic Detection Dogs in Michigan. The other two belong to the Michigan State Police. Stretch and Deputy Liedel will be made available to all Michigan law enforcement agencies upon request.

Stretch lives at home with Deputy Liedel, Liedel’s fiancée, another dog, and a cat.

You have the chance to meet Stretch at a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office community engagement event on Sunday, June 5 at the Carr Park Pavilion in Temperance from 2-4 p.m.

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