Mobile Legends: Bang Bang features new character skins and special prizes; The 515 M-World event is coming soon


MANILA, Philippines – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is gearing up for its biggest 515 celebration in the Philippines yet, with bigger games, exciting new skins for fan-favorite characters and even an activity that will bring the very expected event closer to the Filipinos this year.

With the theme “We are better than me”, this year’s 515 M-World is a continuation of the annual 515 events that the game has held every May 15 for the past three years.

MLBB 515 M-World events kick off on April 12 with the 515 Carnival Party, a popularity contest where players can earn promo diamonds by selecting a 515 skin as their image, completing event tasks, and requesting help. of their friends, team and group. The 515 Carnival Party will run in-game until May 3.

From April 30 to May 23, players can participate in the 515 Trophy Battle. In this special 515 event, players can receive special rewards by joining heroes in the titular M-World to complete event tasks and complete milestone goals for the chance to defeat the Trophy Guardian. Special rewards are given to players each time a milestone goal is completed. Players can continue completing event tasks after completing stage objectives for additional bonus rewards.

And during the 515 Skin Sale, players can get 515 discount skins of popular characters Wanwan (April 16 – June 5), Ling (April 23 – June 5), and Yin (April 30 – June 5).

To show its commitment to Filipino gamers, MLBB has partnered with Grab for this year’s 515 M-World celebration. This is the first time that the Philippines’ top mobile game has collaborated with Southeast Asia’s leading daily super app.

“We have ensured that this year’s MLBB 515 M-World is designed to delight our Filipino players, who have been among the game’s most active and enthusiastic supporters since its release,” said the MLBB Philippines team. in a press release. “With this goal in mind, Grab is the perfect partner for this year’s 515 event, underscored by its established credibility and modern capabilities.”

The partnership will allow Grab users to experience the 515 M-World event first-hand. It will also give MLBB players more ways to earn 515 special in-game items, including the 515 skin for Wanwan, one of the characters highlighted at this year’s celebration.

From April 12-18, lucky GrabFood customers in Metro Manila whose orders are delivered by drivers wearing Tang Wanwan Buns will receive an in-game card. The online game card contains codes that users can enter in the MLBB game. Players have the chance to win several prizes including free items, stickers and the unique Wanwan 515 skin with the iconic Grab brand color.

From April 19 to 30, free MLBB codes will be given out in the Grab app and Grab users can then redeem these codes in-game to get the limited MLBB items.

“The partnership is a timely union for both MLBB and Grab. Despite having different services, both brands have become important in the lives of many Filipinos, especially over the past couple of years. can’t imagine the world of mobile gaming and transportation/delivery without them,” the MLBB Philippines team said.

Anton Bautista, Delivery Manager for Grab Philippines, adds, “We share the same brand values ​​with MLBB when it comes to providing Filipinos with a digital platform for their daily needs. forefront of our efforts, driven by our strong desire to share entertainment and joy with as many fellow countrymen as possible.”

More giveaways and surprises are coming, including more in-game tournaments, an MLBB animated series, and famous streamers and players doing official MLBB streams.

For more information on this year’s 515 M-World, please follow the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook page at

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