Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Celebrates 5th Anniversary with New In-Game Events, Content, and More Details on Project NEXT Update


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Moonton Games ” Mobile Legends: Bang Bang adds new content to celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary, including in-game events, campaigns, and limited-time items.

MLBB is the most popular mobile MOBA title, bringing together players and communities from around the world to compete in real-time 5v5 battles against opposing teams. The game offers a true MOBA experience on mobile with 10 second matchmaking and 10 minute matches.

This new event, which kicked off on September 21 with a new 5th anniversary celebration, features anniversary specific skins, new animated shorts, and other original content such as comics, live broadcasts, and entertainment. live events for players who choose to participate.

The event aims to help players around the world celebrate together and will run until mid-October. This “5hare Fun, Forge Legends” update introduces new heroes and skins, including the new Moon Goddess Miya, which will be available for free to any player who logs in during the celebration.

Moonton is also preparing to launch the Project NEXT update, which will feature high-quality changes and additions to several parts of the game. This includes general tweaks, hero balancing, and changes that seek to give players an experience significantly improved gameplay.

Project NEXT will also include skill changes and design revamps, a hero overhaul for Harper, and a new weather effect in the lobby screen that will be part of a larger UI refresh. New login events, exclusive cosmetics, and a new hero named Florin will also be introduced with this update.

During the celebration period, players should also make sure to jump in and claim free in-game items such as exclusive avatar borders, emotes, and effects that will be up for grabs.

The 5th anniversary celebration will also overlap with the Transformers event, which allows players to collect skins for Johnson (Optimus Prime), X.Borg (Bumblebee), and Granger (Megatron) until November 11.

More details on the 5th anniversary celebration, future content releases and the Project NEXT update to be revealed in the near future.


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