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Mobile game Chocobo continues Final Fantasy’s tradition of bad names


Square Enix has announced a mobile game called Chocobo GP’, pronounced Chocobo GP Dash, continuing the Final Fantasy trend of bad names.

Square Enix released a new Chocobo video game for mobile phones, inspired by the Final Fantasy games with the wrong names. The game is a free title intended to promote the upcoming release of Chocobo GP for Nintendo Switch.

Chocobo GP is to come Final Fantasy kart racer that features characters from across the series, including Gilgamesh from FF5, Land of FF6, and Vivi from FF9. Players will be able to race on tracks based on Final Fantasy locations and use each character’s unique abilities to defeat other racers, in order to take the lead. Chocobo GP will also receive a free version, called Chocobo GP Lite, which contains the first chapters of the Story mode and provides access to multiplayer modes, although access to the list is restricted.


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Chocobo GP will launch on March 10, but fans can play a spin-off title on mobile phones now. Square Enix has released a basic 2D racing game for Android and iOS devices, which can be downloaded at google play and the App store. The game appears to be a pretty straightforward experience involving a chocobo and a moogle racing around different tracks, but what’s most notable about the game is its name. This mobile title is called Chocobo GP ‘, which, according to an official Square Enix press release, is meant to read as Chocobo GP dashboard.

Chocobo GP Dashboard Game

We do not know why Chocobo GP ‘ is not only called Chocobo GP dashboard. It’s also not clear why it’s supposed to be pronounced Chocobo GP dashboard when it has an apostrophe at the end and not a hyphen. The game is at least in good company, as there have been many Final Fantasy games with silly names released over the years. The most notable of these is Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (with the 12 pronounced as duodecim), which had a demo called Dissidia 012 Final Prologue Fancy. There is also Final Fantasy Type-o, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Mobius Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Artniks Diving, the Theater titles, and Final Fantasy Agito. It’s a trend at Square Enix as a whole, with the Kingdom Hearts series also receiving its fair share of nonsensical names.

A game’s name doesn’t necessarily reflect its quality, and it’s hard to get too mad at a free mobile game featuring a chocobo. The published images of Chocobo GP so far has been interesting, and the presence of beloved characters like Vivi is a big selling point for the game. Chocobo GP ‘ doesn’t seem to be as memorable, at least for reasons other than its questionable name.

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Chocobo GP ‘ is available now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: google play, App store

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