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Hello everyone and welcome to the week! It’s time again to look back at the remarkable updates of the last seven days. Hey, there are a few games in this week’s bundle that I really like. To go with those, I have a few games that many of you really like, and a few that the algorithm really likes. A small piece of pie for each. So pretty. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly summary is just here to fill you in on things you might have missed. Let’s go for that!

Subway surfers, Free Oh, we’re back to real-world locations. Cared for. Well, sort of, anyway. Subway surfers likes to embellish for fun, after all. So we’re heading to Greece this time, and there’s another new surfer to unlock. It’s Moira, the Gorgon. See? You can also unlock a new outfit for Nikos. Tired of Greece? Try the Tag Team Challenge at Venice Beach or enter the Super Runner Challenge to get your hands on Super Runner Fresh.

Merge Mansion, Free I wonder what distrust of the elderly this game has fomented? I know I’m much more suspicious of little old grandmas now. So what’s new in this version? There’s a new level cap of 50, an event celebrating Grandma’s birthday, a new area that takes you to the tennis court, and some UI tweaks. I’m counting this as the mandatory free puzzle game update for the week. I think I forgot to make one last week, so I’ll have to throw another one in here somewhere to catch up.

Disney’s Magical Kingdomswhat is free At the top? The topic of the latest update for Disney’s Magical Kingdoms, That’s what. Carl, Russell and Dug are back in a limited time event where they will learn more about the life of Charles Muntz. You can add Carl’s House to your park, but be sure to anchor it. There are also two new concessions in the form of the Wilderness Explorers Cap Stand and the Baby Bird Plushie Stand. All this, and a new Up parade float. Yeah, that’s a pretty decent update. I like At the top. Ed Asner, friends. Always a treat.

MARVEL Future CombatFree It is extremely strange to make a fear each other event in 2022, but hey, I guess you pull content where you can find it. Anyway, the latest version of marvel future fight has four new uniforms available for Hulk, Juggernaut, Absorbing Man, and Titania based on the 2011 comic book event. There’s also a new World Boss in the form of Gorr, as well as a new Tier 4 Hulk and a potential overrun for Juggernaut, Absorbing Man and Titania. No new characters this time, but they really have most bases covered now anyway.

Bloons TD 6, $4.99 Those Bloons are still here. Defending their towers and everything. Like Bloons do, I guess. I shouldn’t really blame them for doing what is in their nature. Yes I think we everything learned something today about acceptance and expanding our horizons. We have also learned that the latest update to Bloons TD 6 (and its Apple Arcade+ counterpart) has a new event called Contested Territories, a new team feature, a new Paragon named Master Builder, a new hero skin for Voidora, a new map called Quarry, and a bunch of other little improvements and fixes. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle!

lonely storiesThe latest update for lonely stories has a new story and two limited-time events for you to enjoy. , Neon Dreams takes you on a nostalgic summer carnival while Up in the Clouds has you playing Solitaire in the air in your beautiful balloon. If you’re inclined, there’s plenty here to keep you playing Solitaire for the rest of the summer. Your mother wouldn’t approve, but you buy your own groceries now! She can’t tell you what to do!

Crossy Road CastleUpdates are not very common for Crossy Road Castle, so let’s enjoy them when we get them. This one takes you on a fantastic journey to a Snowpeak Palace getaway. Considering how hot this summer is, it looks absolutely amazing right now. New characters include a penguin, yeti, moose, St. Bernard dog, and a mystery character. I could pretend to be shy, but the honest truth is that I have no idea who the mystery character is. Santa Claus? A polar bear? Iceman? Someone find out and tell me in the comments. Thanks in advance.

Zookeeper World, Here is another update of the matching puzzle game. Call it the semi-mandatory subscription-based matching puzzle game update. The SOSBMPGU. Just rolls over the tongue. This latest release includes eight new puzzle stages to play through, but you’ll have to wait until August 21 for them to unlock for some reason. The Rabbit Rope Solitaire mini-game is available now, and there are new goodies in the Ticket Exchange to collect. Adequate!

High Rise – A Puzzle Cityscape, Free Here’s a terrific update for one of my favorite mobile games of the past few years. The most important thing is the addition of an undo button for those who want to rethink their moves. There’s a new leaderboard here that tracks who has the tallest building, and you can now build settlements of varying sizes from 3×3 to 7×7. Just want to relax? Head to Zen Mode where you can undo as much as you want. Another bomb: you can save and exit. Yes, you no longer have to believe that your mobile device will not lose your game if you have to call Batman or something. There’s also a new IAP here that serves as a way to tip the developer. For all this and more, I easily hand over this week’s coveted UMMSotW price.

Zen pinball eveningYou know, at first I wanted Zen pinball evening was more of a demo for regulars zen pinball app than a suitable substitute. But he keeps adding more tables, and I think it’s become very hard to deny his value. The latest version adds two tables of pinball star wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and The Clone Wars. Both are great fun tables and are great additions to the table range now consisting of twenty tables in this Apple Arcade app.

That’s about it for the important updates for the past week. I’m sure I missed a few, so feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think anything should be mentioned. As usual, major updates will likely have their own news throughout this week, and I’ll be back next Monday to recap and fill in the blanks. Have a good week!


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