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MCPSS Approves Offers For New Grass Stadiums On Campus For LeFlore, Vigor


Vigor will play his third playoff game in four weeks at rival Blount High School on Friday night.

However, if all goes well, Wolves will play at their new stadium next fall.

On Monday, the Mobile County Board of Education approved offers for new campus football stadiums at LeFlore High and Vigor High. In May, the council unanimously approved the hiring of an architect to build five new stadiums. The remaining stadiums are expected to be built at BC Rain, Davidson and Williamson.

LeFlore and Vigor are the first offers to be officially approved. Council approved $ 5,038,882 for the new LeFlore stadium and $ 5,497,771 for the Vigor stadium.

Artist’s rendering of the new stadium planned on the LeFlore high school campus. (Contributed)

Both should have artificial turf.

“We knew it was going to happen. We just didn’t know when, ”said Vigor coach John McKenzie. “This is good news. I think our children will appreciate it. I know our staff and our community will. It is a real need. With the year that we are in, I think it is also a good time. . “

The council expects construction to be completed at LeFlore and Vigor by the start of the 2022 football season. MCPSS communications director Rena Philips said the other three stadiums will be built over the next two years.

Mary G. Montgomery, Baker, Alma Bryant, Theodore, Blount and Citronelle already have stadiums on campus.

Once the five new stadiums are completed, only Murphy will be left without his own stadium. Philips said the school system is working on a plan for Murphy, but a stadium on campus is not possible due to the location of the school.

Vigor, LeFlore, BC Rain, Williamson and Murphy all played home games at Ladd-Peebles Stadium for most of the 2021 season. However, after the October 15 shootout in the fourth quarter of the Vigor v Williamson game, officials of the MCPSS have said they will no longer play at home at Ladd.

Vigor – the only football team still playing in Mobile or Baldwin County – has played one home game against Theodore and two at Blount since the decision. Wolves (12-1) will host Region 1 rival Jackson (11-2) at Blount in the Class 4A semi-final on Friday night.

“Most people have an advantage on the court,” McKenzie said. “We get on the bus every weekend. Now we can stay a little longer in our locker rooms, stay a little longer in our meeting rooms and be ready to play. This will have to be a big advantage.

The contract for the new Vigor stadium went to Ben M. Radcliff Contractors, Inc. The contract for the LeFlore stadium went to Youngblood-Barrett Construction and Engineering, LLC.

Vigor and LeFlore played many of their home games at Prichard Stadium until the 2020 season, but left that stadium due to “appalling conditions”. A Prichard Stadium visitor stand light tower can still be seen just off I-65 in Mobile.

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