Man charged with stealing more than $11,000 worth of gasoline in Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5/Gray News) – A man is charged with stealing more than 2,500 gallons of gasoline, according to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report.

Police say company security Terrible Herbst notified authorities of a diesel fuel shortage at the company’s gas station in Jean, near State Route 161.

The terrible company Herbst reported that it was 684 gallons short of diesel on July 20, worth $3,146. The company said it was also short 1,818 gallons of diesel on July 21, worth $8,385.

The company told police the door to open one of its pumps was forced open and a Pulsar device was seen inside.

LVMPD indicates that a Pulsar device is used to modify the computer so that it does not track the correct amount of fuel being dispensed. “This allows the suspect to pump fuel and not be charged the full and correct amount,” police wrote in the arrest report.

Security footage showed three vehicles pumping fuel at a specific fuel pump for extended periods. The security company sent a photo to the police which showed a white truck nearby.

“[Detective] having worked on similar cases, immediately noticed that the vehicle was involved in other fuel thefts in the Las Vegas Valley, and knew that it was used in other fuel thefts across Nevada and that it may also have been used in fuel thefts in Arizona,” Las Vegas police said in the report.

The report says security called police to alert them to the possible active fuel theft when the white truck pulled up to the same pump and began to refuel.

Police arrived at the scene and spoke with the suspect, identified as Miguel Fernandez-Alvarez, who admitted to authorities that he owned the truck and installed large fuel cells in the vehicle to collect fuel.

The report also states that Fernandez-Alvarez was in possession of a FOB key that controlled the Pulsar device installed on the pump.

Fernandez-Alvarez is currently facing charges of using/accessing/interfering with computers and disregarding security.

According to the police, he “opened a vehicle designed outside the design and manufacturing standards to store and transport a flammable and dangerous liquid, diesel fuel, in defiance of public safety measures, and the fact that he had to inside his truck several containers carrying hundreds of gallons of fuel that was not stored according to DOT standards.

The report notes that additional charges will be filed for theft of fuel in a felony amount when Terrible Herbst can produce the exact amount of fuel that was pumped by Fernandez-Alvarez while using the Pulsar device on 23 July.

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