Luis Castillo shows why he should start a potential Wild Card game


The closest thing to a preview of the 2021 National League Wild Card Game was played at the Great American Ball Park last night. The Cincinnati Redlegs beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-1 and Luis Castillo was one of the main reasons the Redlegs came out victorious.

Since the Reds emerged as a last-place contender for the Wild Card, there has been a lot of debate among the Cincinnati loyalists over which starting pitcher is expected to get the ball in a win-win game in October.

After the brilliant performance of Castillo last night, the right-hander has certainly established himself as the leader of the clubhouse. Sonny Gray and Wade Miley will also have the opportunity to claim this gig, as the veteran pitchers will receive the call on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Reds starter Luis Castillo claims a potential debut in the Wild Card Game.

Luis Castillo was on his game last night, and he had to be. With the reigning world champions in town and Cy Young contender Walker Buehler on the mound for the Los Angeles Dodgers, La Piedra had to put on a stellar performance. This is exactly what he did.

Castillo threw in the seventh inning, totaled 111 throws and registered 10 punches. Last night was the second time this entire season and the first time since May 18 against the San Francisco Giants that Castillo has hit double-digit strikeouts.

Castillo’s teammates and his manager were delighted with the 29-year-old’s performance after the game. Reds skipper David Bell called it Castillo’s best performance. Teammate Tucker Barnhart has said he will try his luck against anyone with La Piedra on the mound. Shortstop Kyle Farmer called Castillo’s performance electric. Castillo, courtesy of translator Jorge Merlos, said via

“We play against a great team with great hitters. With everything involved, it really felt like a playoff game today. But for this reason, I felt even more focused today. I thank God that we were able to come out victorious, and I was also able to put in a great performance. “

Given the stakes, it’s hard to argue that last night wasn’t Luis Castillo’s best outing of the 2021 season. It’s even harder to argue that he shouldn’t be the Reds’ starting pitcher. if Cincinnati had the chance to get that last Wild Card spot.

The other candidates would obviously be Sonny Gray, who is now opposed to Max Scherzer, and Wade Miley. LA ace Clayton Kershaw will face Miley in Sunday’s Series Finals at Great American Ball Park. Tyler Mahle and his fantastic on-road ERA could also be considered.

At the end of the day, Castillo said he would be David Bell’s best option in a win-win game in the first week of October. If the rotation continues, Castillo is expected to have three more starts this season and would face the Pittsburgh Pirates in the season finale.

If Bell gets the chance, he could define his rotation a little differently given that the Reds have a day off on Monday, September 27 and Thursday, September 30. It’ll be an interesting story to follow, but first the Cincinnati Reds have to make a run for that last Wild Card spot.


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