Johnny Depp makes a surprise appearance in a short film for the mobile game Sea of ​​Dawn


Following a high-profile lawsuit involving a libel suit against ex-wife Amber Heard, the actor Johnny Depp is on a roll these days. The 59-year-old is set to tour with his Hollywood Vampires bandmates next year and will star as King Louis XV in Maïwenn’s period film. Jeanne DuBarry. Now Depp can be seen in a short film for sea ​​of ​​dawna new mobile game app bearing a striking resemblance to his character Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Apart from that, the Edward Scissorhands The star earned over $3.6 million after his art collection sold out within hours of his debut. London’s Castle Fine Art gallery said the 780 prints were their “best-selling collection to date”. Depp’s first official foray, the “Friends & Heroescollection, presents four portraits of Bob Dylan, Elizabeth, Al Pacino and Keith Richards. According to the gallery, Depp focused on “people he knew well and who inspired him as a person.”


In his new four-minute mini-film titled The Adventurer’s Game for mobile gaming sea ​​of ​​dawn and directed by Chinese game developer Mosasaur Studio, Depp steps into character as an eccentric marine adventurer and trinket collector named Phillip Artoosh. Watch the clip below:

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Captain Jack Sparrow is back, sort of

In the accompanying behind-the-scenes video, Depp reveals that he personally created the character himself and was deeply involved in it. sea ​​of ​​dawnthe production. While the three-time Oscar nominee may not be easily recognizable to some, for those who will, the elocution, heavy makeup and pirate costume may deepen those fervent wishes for a Jack Sparrow return. So far, the actor has repeatedly expressed his reluctance to reprise the role. So far. Pirates of the Caribbean was one of his most commercially successful films.

Depp is well known for starring in other hit films such as Alice in Wonderland and fantastic beasts but in 2018, amid legal battles involving his ex-wife Amber Heard and her domestic violence charges against him, Warner Bros. asked him to resign fantastic beasts franchise. The actor’s reputation suffered greatly following the accusations. Since being awarded a hefty sum in the defamation lawsuit and settling another case out of court, Depp appears to be resuming his career with acting, music and now art.


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