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Joe Girard’s winning free throws give Syracuse 112-110 win over Indiana: live score, updates


The Syracuse basketball team faces Indiana Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Carrier Dome. The non-conference match is part of the 2021 Big Ten / ACC Challenge.

The game will be televised on ESPN2.

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2OT Final: Syracuse 112, Indiana 110.

Double overtime

Joe Girard was fouled by Khristian Lander with 0.8 seconds and will go to the line for a chance to win the game. He makes both free throws and Syracuse wins 112-110.

Buddy Boeheim made his fourth foul by fouling Miller Kopp during a 3-point attempt. Kopp makes all three free throws and the game is tied at 110 with 7.6 seconds left.

Time out at 17.8 seconds: Syracuse 110, Indiana 107.

Khristian Lander scores 3 points after the time out and Indiana is down 108-107 with 17.8 seconds. Jimmy Boeheim was fouled and made both free throws to give Syracuse a 110-107 lead with 17.8 seconds left.

Time out at 29.8 seconds: Syracuse 108, Indiana 104.

Jimmy Boeheim splits a pair of free throws to give Syracuse a 108-104 lead with about 50 seconds left.

Buddy Boeheim returns to the ground and isolates himself for a smooth pullup over the baseline to give Syracuse a 105-101 lead. He made another to give Syracuse a 107-102 lead.

Buddy Boeheim gets a foul on Parker Stewart and will go to the line. He manages both freebies and Syracuse has a 103-101 lead with 2:39 remaining. Stewart fouled with 20 points.

Frank Anselem makes two free throws to bring Syracuse back to two points, then rushes for a big rebound at the other end to get fouled again. The Orange save center made another pair of gifts to tie the game at 101 with 3:01 left in double overtime.

Jackson-Davis breaks out for a nasty dunk on Jimmy Boeheim to give Indiana a 101-97 lead. He has 30 points, 16 rebounds and three blocks.

With Syracuse shorthanded without Jesse Edwards, Indiana again wins the point. Jackson-Davis catches a lob and scores while being fouled by Cole Swider, who is disqualified from the game after committing his fifth foul. Jackson-Davis misses the free throw, but Indiana has a 99-97 lead.

Over time

Indiana cannot shoot and the game will begin a second overtime.

Joe Girard misses a 3 point deep and there is confusion with the rebound, but Mike Woodson gets a time out with 10.2 seconds left. Syracuse players believed a jump ball would be called.

Time out at 36.3 seconds: Syracuse 97, Indiana 97.

Race Thompson and Buddy Boeheim swap scores and Syracuse leads 97-95 with just over a minute to go. Race Thompson scores again to tie the game at 97 with 36.3 seconds remaining.

Cole Swider is fouled and splits a pair of free throws. The guys from Syracuse 95-93 with just over two minutes to go.

Jackson-Davis is fouled, but misses both free throws. Girard has an expensive turnover on the next possession of Syracuse.

Race Thompson points in a shot, but Joe Girard knocks down a 3 on the other end to give Syracuse a 94-93 lead over Indiana with just under three minutes to go.

Indiana won the point and Miller Kopp took a corner 3 to give the Hoosiers a 91-88 lead, but Cole Swider countered with a triple to tie the game.

End of settlement: Syracuse 88, Indiana 88.

Second part

Cole Swider reverses two clutch free throws to give Syracuse an 88-85 lead. Syracuse fouls Khristian Lander with 2.6 seconds left. He does the first, but misses the second on purpose and Jackson-Davis grabs the offensive rebound and is fouled by Benny Williams. Jackson-Davis calmly drains the two free throws to send the game into overtime.

Time out at 4.7 seconds: Syracuse 86, Indiana 85.

Parker Stewart connects to Clutch 3 to reduce Syracuse’s lead to 86-85 with 4.7 seconds left in regulation.

Time out at 20.6 seconds: Syracuse 86, Indiana 81.

Buddy Boeheim finds Jesse Edwards for an open layup to give Syracuse an 86-80 lead with 26 seconds left. Edwards fouls the next play. He finished with 17 points, five rebounds, five steals and three blocks.

Girard splits a pair of free throws and Jackson-Davis gets a dunk to go.

Time out at 1:11: Syracuse 83, Indiana 78.

Jackson-Davis gets a dunk out of the baseline and Indiana trails 83-78 with just over a minute to go.

A controversial foul is inflicted on Buddy Boeheim and moans and moans fill the Carrier Dome.

Jackson-Davis returns to the game on the next whistle.

Time out at 4:01 am: Syracuse 81, Indiana 72.

Cole Swider steals a pass to Jackson-Davis, who falls and begins to grab his left knee. After a few minutes, he is escorted off the field by his team, barely putting pressure on his leg.

Time out at 4:09 am: Syracuse 81, Indiana 72.

Buddy Boeheim knocked down a 3 straight from the top of the sideline to give Syracuse a 77-72 lead. Cole Swider grabs an offensive board and hands it back. Another play later, Jimmy Boeheim receives a transition pass from Joe Girard for an easy score. Syracuse is on a 10-2 run.

Joe Girard drains a 3 point while falling to give Syracuse a 71-67 lead. Miller Kopp counter with a 3 to him and Indiana leads 71-70. Jimmy Boeheim grabs an offensive rebound and brings it home for a 3-point game. SU leads 74-70 with just over five minutes to go.

Time out at 7:29 a.m .: Syracuse 68, Indiana 67.

Jimmy Boeheim connects on a 3 corner to give Syracuse a 68-67 lead, and the crowd goes mad.

Jackson-Davis scores as the shot clock drops and blocks Symir Torrence’s float at the other end.

Cole Swider is fouled on a 3 point attempt by Parker Stewart and makes the three freebies. Syracuse leads 65-63 with 8:50 to go.

Miller Kopp drains a 3-point pointer, but Jesse Edwards counter with a putout layup to bring Syracuse back to one point.

Symir Torrence scores his first points of the match on a short jumper.

Time out at 11:18 am: Syracuse 58, Indiana 56.

Jimmy Boeheim connects on a tough shot after entering the lane, but Indiana countered with a 3-pointer.

Symir Torrence is about to enter the game for the first time since committing his second foul midway through the first half.

Jesse Edwards followed up on two free throws to take Syracuse’s lead to six points.

Indiana forward Race Thompson bursts into Orange’s 2-3 zone with a mid-range shot from the top post. Indiana trails 54-50.

Time out at 2:40 p.m.: Syracuse 54, Indiana 48.

Jimmy Boeheim finds Jesse Edwards inside for a wide open dunk. Syracuse leads 54-45. Edwards is called up for his third foul after challenging a Jackson-Davis dunk attempt.

Time out at 3:28 p.m .: Syracuse 52, Indiana 45.

Time out at 4:09 p.m .: Syracuse 52, Indiana 45.

Parker Stewart drains his third triple of the second half and Indiana lags 52-45. The Hoosiers are 12-3 since the start of the second half.

Cole Swider splits a pair of free throws, scoring his first point of the game as Syracuse leads 52-40 with just over 17 minutes left.

Buddy Boeheim kicks off the scoring with a fadeaway midrange rider to give Syracuse a 51-33 lead. Indiana against with an 8-0 run with free throws from Jackson-Davis and two 3’s from Parker Stewart.

Halftime: Syracuse 49, Indiana 33.

Boeheim’s army honored for its 2021 championship run in the basketball tournament. Players Eric Devendorf and Tyrese Rice, assistant coach Ryan Blackwell, team president Adam Weitsman, general managers Kevin and Shaun Belbey represented the team in midfield.

First half

Buddy Boeheim lives up to his “Buddy Buckets” nickname by emptying his fifth shot of the night, giving him 14 points on the night.

Jackson-Davis misses an alley-oop dunk and Joe Girard connects on a 3 point recoil at the other end and the Carrier Dome bursts. Syracuse leads 45-29.

Cole Swider forces a robbery and passes to Buddy Boeheim, who returns him to Swider for a two-handed jam in transition. Girard forces a charge at the other end.

Indiana goalie Parker Stewart makes two free throws despite the colorful language of the league’s student section. Indiana trails 38-29.

Syracuse and Indiana exchange points at 3 points after the last televised time-out of the first half.

Time out at 3:59 am: Syracuse 35, Indiana 24.

Joe Girard nails the sixth 3-point Syracuse of the night to extend his lead to 32-20. He found Jesse Edwards a few plays later for an easy layup, plus the foul. Edwards’ free throw mark gives him nine points.

Time out at 6:58 am: Syracuse 29, Indiana 18.

Jesse Edwards knocks down a grapple for a total of six points, four steals (a couple looked like blocks), two rebounds and a block. Jimmy Boeheim knocks down a triple to give Syracuse a 29-18 lead.

Buddy Boeheim logs on to a midrange bucket as the timer goes down. Symir Torrence commits a questionable offensive foul next time on the pitch, scoring his second foul of the night.

Time out at 10:55 am: Syracuse 22, Indiana 18.

Jim Boeheim calls for a quick time out after the Orange is almost called for a 5 second violation. He wasn’t happy with the in-bounder, his eldest son Jimmy Boeheim.

Time out at 11:20 am: Syracuse 20, Indiana 16.

Jackson-Davis grabs an offensive rebound and slams it home to reduce Syracuse’s deficit to 15-7. A few games later, he dunks over Syracuse forward Cole Swider. Benny Williams executes his signature block perfectly against Jackson-Davis, but the Indiana forward falls victim to a Swider foul. Jackson-Davis gives both gifts.

Time out at 3:32 p.m .: Syracuse 13, Indiana 5.

Syracuse soccer players Sean Tucker, Mikel Jones and Cody Roscoe honored for their All-ACC caps for the 2021 soccer season.

Indiana broke Syracuse’s score with a Jackson-Davis layup, but Buddy Boeheim countered with a 3-point. On the next descent, Jimmy Boeheim gets a Kawhi Leonard bounce on another 3 points for a total of eight points.

Time out at 6:29 p.m .: Syracuse 7, Indiana 0.

Jesse Edwards steals Indiana’s first possession and Jimmy Boeheim scores a layup on the other end. Indiana star forward Trayce Jackson-Davis is called up for a hook against Edwards in the Hoosiers’ second possession.

Jimmy Boeheim knocks down a 3 point on the other end and the crowd goes wild. Buddy Boeheim comes in with a steal and gets his shot blocked in transition, but it’s called a goalie and Syracuse takes a 7-0 lead.


Syracuse starters: Joe Girard, Buddy Boeheim, Cole Swider, Jimmy Boeheim and Jesse Edwards.

Indiana starters: Xavier Johnson, Parker Stewart, Miller Kopp, Trayce Jackson-Davis and Race Thompson.


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