Jessica Mendoza looked so terrible calling ESPN game from home


ESPN really messed up with its broadcast decision for Tuesday night’s San Francisco Giants-Los Angeles Dodgers game.

ESPN was televising the game nationwide and had Jessica Mendoza as analyst with Dave Flemming doing game for game. But there was a huge problem: Mendoza had a terrible audio connection and sounded terrible.

Flemming explained that Mendoza’s audio equipment melted due to the excessive heat on the west coast. Mendoza appeared to be televising from a poor quality telephone line.

The poor audio quality was unprofessional and inferior. The reaction on Twitter reflected this reality.

ESPN should never have put Mendoza on the air sounding like that. A producer or director should have made the call now to authorize it. The result is that they made Mendoza look like a joke. It’s a bad reflection of her and the company, and a decision should have been made at a higher level to prevent it.


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