Jamf offers same-day support for the latest updates to Apple’s operating system


Jamf announced same-day support for Apple’s new OS 15 updates, which are rolling out to a range of Apple devices.

Jamf customers who have Apple devices running iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and tvOS 15 will automatically receive updates with same-day availability and support.

Jamf Senior Vice President of Strategy Nick Amundsen comments, “Jamf is constantly anticipating and aligning with Apple’s strategy so that we can be ready to meet the needs of our customers. We’re proud to offer another year of same-day support for Apple’s latest operating systems.

Jamf is also rolling out support for new features within each operating system. These include:

More features for Siri and Paste:

Mobile device management now offers different features to IT administrators to manage their fleet. Administrators can place restrictions on Siri that keep translation tasks localized on the device instead of Siri servers, while Paste restrictions can prevent users from copying and pasting things like sensitive information.

Protecting privacy in iCloud

Private Relay is an iCloud service that protects user privacy by hiding IP addresses and locations of visited websites.

This functionality is in addition to Jamf Private Access, which is a solution that enables secure access to business applications without the performance, privacy and security concerns of legacy corporate VPN connections.

“Now, with Private Relay and Jamf, users are protected in their private and professional browsing. Personal devices can be deployed with Jamf to protect and route corporate traffic; personal browsing will remain private by being routed through iCloud Private Relay, ”the company explains.

Jamf claims that Private Relay and Private Access are an “optimal approach to privacy and security without compromising performance”.

Account-Based User Registration for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs

Account-based user registration removes the need to send registration links to users who want to use their own devices.

Jamf says this streamlining of the process streamlines the IT management enrollment workflow and improves the end-user experience.

“Additionally, user enrollment separates user data from business data and provides IT leveraging Jamf with the right level of device access. This is an iterative step to help employees with user-enrolled devices who expect both personal privacy with corporate access and IT, ”the company explains.

Amundsen concludes, “These new features will help organizations equip their workforce with the devices they want and keep their employees safe, while protecting their privacy. “

Jamf has performed extensive testing in the beta versions of Apple and ensures the compatibility of all fall versions of Apple in its portfolio of solutions.


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