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Innovative and secure payment solutions that enable SCA compliance, interview with Jukka Yliuntinen, G + D


Most of the time, people think of contactless payments as the use of contactless cards and mobile payments.

Jennie Johansson Carnhamre of G + D talk to Jukka about secure and innovative contactless payments in different formats, and how to securely authenticate the consumer when it comes to paying.

Is this idea of ​​on-the-fly payments anytime from the device or customer’s preferred solution achievable? If so, how?

Contactless payments must be safe and secure. That goes without saying. But they must also be transparent, inclusive and above all available. And here different form factors come into play.

Within contactless payments, mobile wallets have already become very important. Yet wearables such as bracelets, watches, rings, and even clothing are in upheaval. The availability of contactless payment through these different form factors means that its appeal is very wide.

Regardless of the form factor, the key to securing these payments is tokenization. With the secure provisioning of payment credentials – tokens – contactless payments are secure at all touch points: pay with your mobile at your favorite café, use your digital wallet at the e-commerce checkout or tap your smartwatch on the point of sale terminal at Argos.

At G + D, we offer the Convego® CloudPay suite, enabling multiple use cases for secure token payments. And in combination with our authentication solutions, we serve millions of customers around the world, delivering added value and brand loyalty throughout the payment value chain.

Specifically, our portable payment activation solution, Convego® CloudPay eSE – Juniper Award Platinum Winner two years in a row, with second place in 2021 being Apple Pay for Apple Watch – enables secure contactless payments by tokens for, among other things , the iconic watchmaker Swatch and their SwatchPAY.

Ultimately, contactless payments are all about choice. Consumers want the ability to pay with their favorite device. Therefore, having the ability to activate payments is an essential requirement. It is essential to support this while maintaining strong security credentials.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) presented several major challenges for the entire payments ecosystem; What solutions can merchants leverage to balance SCA compliance, costs and user experience?

This is a crucial time for the payments industry – from banks to merchants and all middle layers – because to accept payments and meet SCA requirements, merchants will need to incorporate additional authentication into their payment flows.

G + D offers several solutions for this. For example, our Convego® mobile authentication builds on the FIDO specifications, providing SCA through mobile devices and their frictionless UX, using biometric options for user verification (face, voice or fingerprint), offering a balanced combination of user-friendliness, security and low operating costs.

Another cost effective solution in our authentication portfolio is Convego® tap. With this solution, consumers can use their existing, familiar and trusted bank card as a secure and convenient authentication factor. By simply typing their card on their NFC-compatible mobile phone, SCA is used via the already existing hardware, i.e. the mobile device (banking application) and the bank card, which allows to reduce the costs of the generators. or impractical TAN / OTP applications.

How can merchants get the most out of card tokenization for a better customer experience? And can this method eliminate the need for SCA?

With a card-on-file (CoF) solution supporting network tokenization, merchants can offer secure payments without having to store sensitive customer data, avoiding or reducing the need for costly risk management tools and eliminating the need to store sensitive customer data. risk of data security breaches and cyber threats. . Instead, a merchant can stay one step ahead of the competition by focusing on their core business and at the same time deliver a convenient, state-of-the-art customer experience when it comes to doing business. payments at checkout.

This is made possible through optimized card lifecycle management where the network token is decoupled from the funding card for automatic renewals. Therefore, neither the customer nor the merchant need to update the card data if the cards expire. is done automatically. Network tokenization offers significant advantages over proprietary solutions:

  1. Network tokenization covers a variety of use cases such as in-car payments, e-commerce integrated payments, and online mobile payments;

  2. Automatic updating of tokens when the card is renewed, no interruption of scheduled payments and no interruption of service;

  3. G + D has partnered with Netcetera to provide enhanced security at checkout. With our common eCOM Tokenizer approach, we enable multiple payment brands and network tokenization with one integration – scalability and convenience!

Combine the tokenization of the CoF network with the integrated SCA, the customer experience will be even more satisfactory at the checkout. If the SCA is already done when the consumer logs into the merchant’s app or online store, the issuer can rely on this authentication and will not request another to process the transaction, increase rates. authorization, speed up the payment process and make SCA homogeneous. We call this delegated authentication.

At G + D, we proactively work with the industry to set standards and ensure transparency across the payment value chain, so that payments are not only secure, but also for the customer: we offer options and allow new ways to pay.

About Jukka Yliuntinen

Jukka Yliuntinen, Head of Digital Payment Solutions at Giesecke + Devrient, is well versed in identifying and delivering high performing, innovative and business-generating payment solutions for the industry, drawing on over 20 years of experience in payment and identity technologies.

Jukka also leads industry initiatives within the Mobey Forum, where he co-chairs their digital identity. Expert Group. And as an expert in his field, he continuously contributes articles and lectures at numerous conferences around the world on topics related to digital payment and identification.

To learn more about Yukka, check out her LinkedIn profile page here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jukka-yliuntinen-1576393/

About Giesecke + Devrient (G + D)

Giesecke + Devrient (L + D) technology is unconsciously used by billions of people every day! With over 700 global banks trusting G + D and our offerings, we enable secure and convenient transactions for everyday use. Founded in 1852 in Leipzig as a banknote printer, now with its headquarters in Munich, G + D is a global payments powerhouse – whether cash, card or digital services.

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