Information for supporters: Watford v Sheffield United


To reduce the risk of delayed access to the stadium, supporters are requested to arrive as early as possible. The turnstiles will open 90 minutes before kick-off, and the clock-style graphic above gives a visual representation that the ideal last finishing point at the stadium is more than half an hour before kick-off time. sending, please.

Bag searches and checks

There will be further intensification of our security operation this season, in particular with searches and checks of bags at the turnstiles. Bags will be checked at an outside cordon before entering the stadium, and those larger than A4 (height: 297mm, width: 210mm, depth: 210mm) will not be permitted entry.

Love football. Protect the game.

The Hornets supported the introduction of strong measures in football to tackle anti-social and criminal behavior on football grounds.

This includes entering the field without permission, carrying or using smoke bombs or pyros and throwing objects on the field, as well as discriminatory behavior and drug use. For everyone’s safety, Watford FC will report anyone committing these offenses to the police.

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Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited in all areas of the stadium.

Prohibited objects

The following items are prohibited and must not be brought into the stadium:

Smoke cartridges
Dangerous or hazardous items
Laser devices
Bottles or other glass containers
Any other items that could compromise public safety and/or illegal substances

Anyone in possession of such objects will be refused access to the site.

Additionally, you may not bring any sponsorship, promotional, or marketing materials onto the field, except for official merchandise. Any flag or banner larger than the maximum dimensions permitted by the club (or, in the absence of such stipulations, two meters x one meter) and/or of an offensive nature is also prohibited.


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