iFixit Teardown: Studio Display offers iMac-like internal setup


Apple launched the Studio Display earlier in March, its first standalone display since the Pro Display XDR. iFixit today disassembled the Studio Display in a teardown video to give us a look inside.

The inside of the Studio Display can be confusing at first as it has an internal setup that isn’t too different from a computer like the Intel iMac, thanks to the inclusion of an A13 chip, speakers and of fans. Several iFixit staff members were shown an open ‌iMac‌ and a studio screen and asked to figure out which was which, and many of them got it wrong.

The Studio Display opens with an ‌iMac‌ opening tool, so it’s easy to access the components inside. Last week, iFixit gave a quick look at the Studio Display in its Mac Studio teardown and confirmed at the time that the Studio Display camera is essentially identical to the iPhone 11 camera.

There are no internal indicators as to why the Studio Display camera experienced quality issues, and Apple has promised an upcoming software fix.

The Studio Display uses the exact same display as the ‌iMac‌ 5K, and there’s an internal power supply, which iFixit says is an impressive technical feat. The internal power supply makes the Studio Display different from the ‌iMac‌ because it requires massive fans for heat dissipation, and it requires a chassis that’s about 50% thicker.

The speakers are “awesome for a screen” and are glued on which will make the speaker hardware difficult to remove. According to iFixit, the build of the Studio Display in general is an “impressive testament to Apple’s problem-solving ability.”

iFixit has yet to share a full written teardown of the Mac Studio or Studio Display, so there might still be some additional information to uncover when full teardowns become available in the future.


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