How to Uplink Device near Seven Outpost, Sanctuary and Synapse Station in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2


To restore building in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, players will be tasked with aiding the resistance army of the Seven in a series of quests known as Rebuilding. One of the quests features The Imagined asking you to plant device uplinks at an Outpost Seven, Shrine, or Synapse Station. It sounds simple enough, but there are specific places in each POI where the device should be placed. In this guide, we’ll recommend and mark an area that should help complete this quest in no time.

First, you will only need to define a device uplink in only one of these locations. We recommend placing it at the Seven Outpost, as enemies don’t usually roam the area. This outpost is directly north of the shrine, and the Origin wanders around it. Once there, you’ll need to head west for about 100 meters until you see a blue light emitted from the ground. This is where you will plant the device and complete the quest.

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To plant the device, simply approach it and press the same button you use to switch to your pickaxe. Once planted, The Imagined will grant you access to the next rebuild quest and reward you with 40,000 XP for a job well done.

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