How to Download PS5 Game Captures on PC via BlueStacks 5


Sony recently updated the PS app to allow players to download game captures from the PlayStation 5. Although PS5 players can download the captures from a mobile device, there are ways to download the captures directly to PC . Phone emulators like Bluestacks 5 are a way to download PS5 game screenshots on PC. Here is a step by step guide on how to download PS5 game captures via BlueStacks 5.

What is BlueStacks 5?

BlueStacks 5 is a free phone emulator software that can run Android apps on PC and Mac. It is often used to play Android games from the Play Store, allowing games like League of Legends: Savage Rift to play on a bigger screen. Other apps will work on the emulator, even apps that are not on the play store.

Downloading game captures via BlueStacks 5

After downloading BlueStacks and logging into a Google Play account, download the PS app and from the Play Store. Log in to the PS app, click on the “Game Library” tab and select the “Captures” tab at the top of the screen. All captures made in the last 14 days will be displayed. Once configured, all game captures will appear on the BlueStack emulator via PS App as long as the user is logged in.

To download captures, click on a file and click again to display sharing options. Click the down-pointing arrow at the bottom left of the screen to upload the image to the emulator files. Quit the app and open the “System apps” folder on the home screen. Click on “Media Manager”.

All downloads from the PS app will appear in a folder of the same name under the “Gallery” tab in the media manager. In the PS App folder, click on a game capture and click the “Send to Windows” button and choose a location to transfer the file to the PC. A JPG or MP4 file of the capture will appear in the selected location if done correctly.


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