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Fall Guys is a hugely popular massively multiplayer online game that pits you against friends and others in a royal-style board game; Although the game has been on PC and consoles for a while now, that doesn’t mean Android users can’t play it. Here are some ways to play Fall Guys on Android.

Originally launched almost two years ago, Fall Guys has gained a lot of traction. It really comes into its own as a concept and has garnered a lot of attention. Over the past year, more and more platforms have taken over the free game, bringing the title to many people.

Is Fall Guys on Android?

Right now, players looking to get into Fall Guys really only have one option. The game is not available as a mobile app on the Google Play Store – it can be accessed via cloud gaming instead.

This may change in the future, as Epic Games has a history of bringing popular full-size titles to Android and iOS through mobile ports. Rocket League and Fortnite are also owned by the huge publisher, and both have their own mobile game releases.

We could eventually see a port of Fall Guys on mobile, and if we did, it would almost certainly be a massive hit. The game already lends itself well to casually jumping and competing, much like Rocket League. As it stands, however, the only way to access the game is through a service like Boosteroid which offers PC games through streaming services.

Fall Guys on Boosteroid

Boosteroid – a major cloud gaming platform that has just launched in the US – is currently the only service to offer major multiplayer gaming. Luckily, this cloud gaming service is more than usable on Android and has a dedicated app, so getting into Fall Guys is easy.

To play Fall Guys on Boosteroid, you need an account with the game streaming service. The service costs around $10/month if billed monthly; if you decide to purchase an annual subscription, you will end up paying $7.67/month, but will be billed once a year for $92.

To add, you’ll also need to make sure Fall Guys is in your library on Epic Games. If not, Boosteroid will pretend you don’t own it and won’t let you access it. To claim it, simply head to the Epic Games Store and find Fall Guys. It’s free, so you should be able to hit Obtain on the game’s list to add it to your library.

Here’s how to play Fall Guys on Boosteroid:

  1. Create a Boosteroid account and subscribe.
    • Point: You can use your Google account to register.
  2. Download Boosteroid from the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  3. Open Boosteroid and find the Search Page by pressing the middle search icon.
  4. Type fall guys.
  5. When you find it, press the Epic Games Versionsince it is free.
  6. Hit To play.

Point: Rather than using Boosteroid’s touch controls, we recommend finding and connecting a Bluetooth controller like the GameSir X3.

From here, you should be able to directly access Fall Guys on Android after logging into your Epic Games account. Although Boosteroid isn’t free, it’s one of the game streaming services we recommend you consider. There are tons of other games you can play with the cloud subscription other than Fall Guys, although you might not be able to stop playing Fall Guys.

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