Has your Pixel 6 suffered from random device shutdowns?


Thanks to June’s quarterly feature removal, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro handsets were both able to shed many of the bugs that made these devices two of the buggiest new handsets in recent memory. Some Pixel 6 series units lost cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity while other issues centered on the under-display optical fingerprint sensor which was found to be lagging. And several updates have been delayed, preventing Pixel 6 series users from being allowed to install them.

Is a new Pixel 6 series bug randomly crashing Pixel 6 series phones while taking photos in Airplane mode?

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With airplane mode enabled, the phone loses its telephony capabilities by blocking all radio frequency transmission services. It closes all Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular and data connections on your mobile device to prevent the handset from interfering with commercial aircraft. To enable airplane mode, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Activate airplane mode.

This is something the user did with older Pixel models he owned and never had an issue before. But of course, with the Pixel 6 there is a problem. As the redditor puts it in his post, “but of course here’s the Pixel 6; for no reason it randomly shuts down by itself when taking photos; luckily that’s rare but still annoying, this happens 1-2-3 times in a long day.

Parameters leading to the shutdown include having the phone in airplane mode with lots of free storage space and great battery life. The temperature would be cold
-normal temperatures, cold, but not too much to turn off the phone. The Pixel 5 had no issues at -5°c -10°c and most users were unable to reproduce the issue. A Pixel 6 Pro user said he used Battery mode to take photos on his Pixel 6 Pro in areas where he knew there was no wireless service and never had suffered from the same random phone shutdown issue.

Some believe the problem is related to colder temperatures and greater internal resistance for low temperature batteries.

Radian-Fi wrote on Reddit to say it could be a problem with colder temperatures. He says: “I think it’s possible that it’s actually temperature and battery related. The battery in the device in question might have too much internal resistance at lower temperatures…but this are just speculation.” Internal resistance is the opposition to current flow inside the battery and the cold increases the internal resistance.

Another Reddit user with the keijikage handle notes that with the cooler temperature and higher internal resistance, “it might look like you have a battery, but you don’t because the phone is pounding the chipset everything taking pictures or shooting a video.” Another Reddit user by the “rignfool” handle noted that this same issue happened to him when he owned the Nexus 6 with its “SHITTY” battery.

So is this a new bug? More Google Pixel 6 series users do not enable airplane mode on their phone in order to use the cameras for photos and videos. And while other Redditers have managed to do the same, none of them have reported experiencing the random shutdown of their Pixel 6 series phones, so we wouldn’t exactly call it a bug. But if you have encountered this issue while using the camera after enabling airplane mode on your Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, let us know by dropping us a comment using the comment section below. below.

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