Fall Guys vs. Stumble Guys: Which is Better?


fall guys released two years ago to massive critical acclaim and enthusiasm from the gaming community. Amid the global shutdowns, new co-op games have come into vogue, including Mediatonic’s colorful battle royale. The game quickly became the fifth most streamed game on Twitch. Then, in June, the game became free-to-play, causing a 500% increase in watch hours on the streaming platform.

However, in 2021, Kitka Games released Stumble Guys. Although similar to fall guysthe main difference is that Stumble Guys has always been free and is available for PC and mobile devices. Whereas fall guys remains popular, many have taken a liking to Stumble Guys – to the point that the clone could outperform the original.

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fall guys is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game when it was released cost around $20. In comparison, Stumble Guys has always been an online, free, mobile and PC gaming experience. Available on iOS, Android, and Steam, it received a plethora of players although it didn’t reach the same peak of viewers as fall guys harvest.

The similarities between fall guys and Stumble Guys are vast. Both are 3D multiplayer Battle Royale platformers, and both were released less than a year apart when multiplayer games were in high demand due to lockdowns. Likewise, both games are vibrant, colorful, and feature a variety of customizable elements, including skins and outfits.

fall guys had a more detailed and funded development compared to Stumble Guysleaving the graphics of the latter less detailed and animated. fall guys has unique character designs and smooth smooth animation. In comparison, Stumble Guys has simple, human characters that can be dressed in various costumes and uniforms to add some pizzazz to the gameplay. Moreover, even some mini-game levels are similar, such as football disintegration and platformer levels. Both games also feature in-game rewards for playing and completing challenges, including outfits, skins, and emotes.

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However, compared to fall guysthe majority of Stumble Guys the playerbase can be found on the mobile version of the game, an option fall guys doesn’t. Mediatonic said it was studying a mobile port of fall guysbut for now it’s just a work in progress. Stumble Guys also offers in-game tournaments, unlike its competitor, where winners can receive more in-game rewards and prizes. fall guys may have more modes due to its longer and more detailed production, it does not have the same tournaments feature as Stumble Guys Is.

Still, fall guys has more notoriety and is better known and established than Stumble Guys, thanks in part to its larger-scale production and support from publishers Devolver Digital and Epic Games. In addition, fall guys has more brand crossovers than Stumble Guysincluding collaborations with Ninja, Mr. Beast, Godzilla and sonic the hedgehog. With price no longer a distinguishing factor, both games offer an accessible multiplayer battle royale experience that’s sure to put a smile on players’ faces.


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