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Equip the right technological tools in your arsenal


What future for work? Maybe a hazy mix of work, life, pajamas, and Zoom. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced several office businesses to switch to the remote trend, one question we ask ourselves is: is working from home here to stay? The past and a half years have taught us that no matter where employees work – from their home, on the go, in the office, in restaurants and just about anywhere – getting the job done is all that matters.

According to Lenovo 2021 report on the future of work and digital transformation, 70 percent of employees said they would be more satisfied and productive if they could work flexibly.

Hybrid work, as it seems, is here to stay. But as we explore the best of both worlds, concerns revolve around a seamless user experience – having the right tools and technologies in place to ensure employees can collaborate, secure their work. and be productive, anywhere.

Unlock the maximum working potential

Today, IT decision-makers and technology leaders are creating a frictionless hybrid work environment, where world-class connectivity and devices allow employees to collaborate, without having to worry about your system being hacked.

And to ensure a seamless transition to the new age workspace and maximize productivity, Lenovo has developed a host of services such as Lenovo Device Intelligence, Endpoint Management, Lenovo Premier Support, and more. This has allowed businesses to thrive effortlessly, even when their teams are working remotely.

Security is of great concern, especially for small businesses. Repairing a breach is expensive and often causes irreparable damage. The same report from Lenovo said that 71% of data breaches in small and medium businesses are never discovered. For them, secure PCs are the first line of defense.

Businesses need to invest in hardware, software, and solutions that improve productivity in the modern workplace, protect employees from cyberthreats, and make the switch to hybrid easier, without having to change their IT infrastructure.

That’s where Lenovo comes in, with its ThinkShield security solutions, which ensure that workplaces are protected against cyber attacks, data breaches and data theft. Lenovo’s report says endpoints are one of the biggest attack surfaces and it’s important that every type of protection starts with them.

Technology adapted to each working environment

Sometimes cyber attack prevention strategies don’t work as expected, and it’s important to make sure that malicious agents don’t have access to sensitive data. Powered by Intel vPro processors, Lenovo offers the “Remote Secure Erase” service that offers IT administrators the ability to remotely erase an Intel SSD Pro drive on an AMT-enabled and provisioned device.

Technology has played a huge role in the success of hybrid workspaces, and Lenovo provides smart services to make sure those workspaces are here to stay. Lenovo’s bespoke solutions ensure a smooth transition, as their devices work seamlessly with software such as Zoom, Microsoft (Teams & Office) and Google (Meet & Docs).

When it comes to collaboration, Lenovo Go, a suite of reliable and portable work tools, lets you set up a collaborative workspace. You also get a personal assistive device with ThinkSmart View, which allows you to set up your workstation anywhere and perform collaborative tasks.

Another service, aptly named Lenovo Device Intelligence, ensures that IT teams optimize fleet performance and improve the end-user experience. This service uses artificial intelligence-based technology to provide the tools to diagnose and prevent common PC health and performance issues.

Most teams share the same workspace on their devices, which opens the threat of exposing their collective vulnerabilities to external malicious agents. This makes endpoint management very important, and to keep it simple, Lenovo has partnered with Microsoft Endpoint Manager to manage updates, patches, and policies to ensure a distributed workforce.

All Lenovo Think devices are also protected by SentinelOne to provide protection against advanced cyber threats such as ransomware, zero days, and phishing emails. Businesses can also invest in a mobile device management solution like Absolute® on Lenovo Think Devices, which allows you to track your devices offline or online and continuously assess the security of your devices.

In addition, Lenovo Premier Support ensures that any kind of issue does not go unnoticed. It provides elite-level technology in over 100 markets for anyone going through a rough patch with their device (s). With a single point of contact to simplify case management, Lenovo Premier Support provides technical account managers with proactive relationship management and escalation.

As the future of work moves towards the hybrid model, organizations need to make sure they have the right technology and the right tools. Find out how Lenovo can ease the transition.


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