“Elden Ring” player defeats Margit using a harp as a controller


YouTube harpist Anna Ellsworth managed to program her harp into a controller to Ring of Eldenand defeated one of the toughest early bosses in the game with it.

We’ve already seen our fair share of weird and wonderful controllers used to play Ring of Elden. First there was the Modified Fisher Price Controllerfollowed by bananas. This time, however, Ellsworth managed to turn her harp into a controller to defeat Margit the Fell Omen (via Gamer on PC).

Ellsworth posted in April on her YouTube channel that she was turning her harp into a controller and explained how she managed to do it. It seemed simple enough, her harp having already installed a microphone that she just plugged into an audio interface on her computer. After running it in a few different programs, she added custom commands in the Bome Midi Translator software and was then ready to launch her game.

Check out the harp in action below:

According to Ellsworth, there were numerous times where she plucked a chord and the bad tone was acknowledged, making it the main frustration during the boss fight process. Another hurdle she faced was the fact that the only control she had over which direction her character rolled was which direction it walked. This style of play severely limited Ellsworth’s options, making the resulting video all the more impressive.

When it came to defeating Margit in Ring of Elden, not only does Ellsworth use a harp as a controller, but she also entered without armor, soloed and with quite intense input lag. Speaking of the fight itself, Ellsworth posted in a Reddit thread that due to the lack of real estate on the instrument itself, she doesn’t even have a heavy attack available to her, making it a much more difficult feat to achieve.

Ellsworth isn’t the first person to use an instrument as a controller either, as Nolan the composer on YouTube plays through the game on his saxophone. We are on track for a full group Ring of Elden experience, it seems.

In other news, Ready or Not is available again on Steam following a trademark dispute.


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