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A new Lord of the Rings game will soon be available on mobile platforms, according to an official statement from Electronic Arts. The publisher claims the title will be a collectible RPG with a “free-to-play” pricing structure. Other than that, no specific details like gameplay or a launch date were given, except for some concept art, which features EA and Middle Earth Enterprises branding.

It is mentioned, however, that the game – a partnership between EA and MEE – will feature turn-based combat (as is the case with countless RPGs), a wide selection of playable characters, as well as storytelling elements. Fredrica Drotos, brand and licensing manager for Middle-earth Enterprises, says the game is “uniquely inspired by Middle-earth as depicted in the literary works of JRR Tolkien.”

Unlike other popular movie franchises like Star Wars and the Disney Marvel movies, there haven’t been many Lord of the Rings games available on mobile devices, and the most popular LEGO Lord of the Rings mobile port has been absent on the Play Store. for a few years now.

Other than the artwork and a few previously mentioned details, EA hasn’t shared more information about the game, so fans will have to be patient for future updates regarding the title.

Source: IGN


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