Dell gets out of the phone sync game


Remember when everyone wanted to own your phone and your laptop? Dell finally throws in the towel (Going through Windows Central).

On a support page, Dell has announced the discontinuation of Mobile Connect, the program that synchronizes text messages, calls and notifications from your phone with your computer. Whereas Dell stops downloads on November 30 for users in the United States, Canada and Japan, it will no longer be available from January 31, 2023. The service stops even earlier for users outside these three countries, downloads will stopping on July 31 and a total stoppage on November 30.

Dell Mobile Connect – sometimes called Alienware Mobile Connect – debuted in 2018 and is, understandably, supposed to work best with 2018 or later Dell laptops. The program is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, but from the start it offered more features for Android devices, such as screen mirroring, which came to the Mobile Connect app for iPhone in 2020.

Microsoft offers a similar feature on Windows 10 and 11 PCs called Phone Link (formerly known as Your Phone app). Phone Link does everything Mobile Connect does, letting you mirror notifications to your PC, take calls and texts, and transfer files. But the main difference is that Phone Link does not support iPhones, unlike Mobile Connect.

If you love Mobile Connect, it looks like its capabilities aren’t going away for good. As noted Windows Central, Intel actually bought the software behind Dell Mobile Connect in 2021, called Screenovate. Intel already unveiled its plans to sync your PC with your Android, iPhone, and smartwatch at CES 2022, and the capability is expected to roll out to Intel Evo devices later this year.


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