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Apex Legends Mobile has now been out for almost two weeks now. With that in mind, what is the state of the game? Well, the ranking system is still rather flawed. What started out as a big launch turned into a rather troublesome game, with pirates taking over the ladder. This article discusses the current state of Apex Legends mobile. By reviewing the ups and downs of the game, the article tries to objectively measure the progress of the mobile game.

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To analyse

Overall, the game remains a pretty solid experience. The mechanics are excellent, with an amazing implementation of pre-existing legends. And although it’s only been a few days, EA has announced that Apex Legends Mobile will have access to exclusive legends. In other words, the mobile version will have playable legends that don’t exist in the PC parent. This bodes pretty well for the game’s longevity, as it stands out among pre-existing PC to Mobile games, such as Wild Rift.

But as you progress, that’s the biggest advantage. As mentioned earlier, hacks plague the game. The details of the hacks will not be discussed here, as far as the hacks and cheats that are ubiquitous are concerned. Please do not use cheats, the system will eventually be updated to detect and possibly punish foul play. Key word, finally. The mobile game, as of now, lacks detection to properly identify hacks. This results in the higher ranks being dominated by literal hackers.

In a competitive game, with the potential to become an esport, allowing hacking is absolutely terrible. Of course, the developers will fix the issue in due time. But for those trying to climb the ranked ladder right now, the presence of these cheats makes the game incredibly tedious to play.

In conclusion

The declaration of exclusive legends in Apex Legends Mobile is a big step in the right direction. But more than new legends, the game has to tackle the rampant hackers who have destroyed the ranked experience for everyone else. Especially since the game is fairly new, I hope the developers prove their commitment to their latest installment. The next two weeks for the game are key to communicating with the Apex Legends Mobile community.

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