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A team of researchers in France has created a new technology to detect viruses in computers without the need for specialized programs for this purpose.

It relies on the use of a device to monitor magnetic fields and a vibration sensor to monitor the electromagnetic fingerprints of various viruses.

While examining the results of the vibration sensor, the researchers discovered that each computer virus had a different electromagnetic fingerprint from the other, so they fed these results into the virus monitor so that it could identify any virus. depending on the magnetic fields it emits.

Experiments have proven that the new technology is able to identify 99.82 traditional viruses on computers, smartphones and other electronic devices.

The study team confirmed in statements reported by the “” website that the new technology is distinguished by the fact that it does not need to download software to electronic devices, and that it is unaffected by computer tricks that hackers may employ to mask the presence of viruses in different operating systems.


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