Computer engineer admits stealing Wi-Fi devices and hand sanitizer from NTU


SINGAPORE: A computer engineer admitted on Tuesday March 8 to stealing more than S$2,000 worth of computer equipment and cleaning supplies from Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Tung Chi Kit, 31, an NTU alumnus, pleaded guilty to one charge of theft committed in March 2021. Two other charges of theft will be considered for sentencing.

A district judge ordered a mandatory treatment order adequacy report for Tung, who told the court he was attending a Mental Health Institute clinic for psychiatric help. He is expected to return to court to hand down his sentence in April.

A Compulsory Treatment Order orders an offender with certain treatable psychiatric conditions to undergo psychiatric treatment.

On March 29 last year, Tung drove to a building on the university’s North Spine and climbed into a classroom on the fifth floor.

At around 11:30 p.m., he stood on a table, unscrewed a wireless internet access point worth around S$1,000 from its bracket on the classroom ceiling and shoved it. put in his bag.

Tung also took an open packet of wet wipes, worth S$10, from the classroom. As he exited the building, he saw four bottles of hand sanitizer placed along a hallway. He also took them, worth around S$8 each.

He then proceeded to NTU’s South Spine building, where he entered another classroom and stole another wireless access point. He forcibly removed the device, damaging the metal bars and the false ceiling to which it was attached, which required repairs. He also stole another open bag of wet wipes.

The stolen items have since been recovered from Tung, except for the bottles of hand sanitizer, for which he has made a return.

Tung also stole three computer monitors, worth a total of S$900, and two other hotspots from NTU in December 2019 and February 2021 respectively. The equipment was recovered from him, the prosecution said.

The prosecution requested between two and four weeks in jail, saying Tung was “recalcitrant” and the theft was premeditated.

The prosecution also pointed out that the wet wipes and hand sanitizer he stole were provided by the school to be disinfected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The defense requested a compulsory treatment order report, saying Tung was remorseful and a first-time juvenile offender.

For committing theft, Tung could be imprisoned for up to seven years and fined.


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