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The Pokemon Companythe latest addition to the game industry is now The Pokemon Trading Card Game for android mobiles. The physical card game with a lot of nostalgic feelings was digitized some time ago, however, it was only available for Android tablets. Now with the regional test in progress for the canadian server, the game can also be played on mobiles. In this Pokemon TCG Live Guide article, we will talk about common mistakes made while playing the game and how to avoid them.

Pre-Fight Mistakes and Avoiding Them

Some of the mistakes players make can be made early in the game. Such mistakes include choosing irrelevant cards. Whether it’s energy cards or trainer cards, try to select cards from your decks according to strategy. Also, entering a battle without any pre-planned combat strategy is one of those things to avoid.

How to avoid pre-battle errors in Pokemon TCG Live

Each player creating their own battle strategies is what adds that extra effect to this game. Therefore, never venture into a battle without a strategy. Never think about what the opponent might do, there are a billion ways your opponent could arrange their deck. Try to focus on strengthening your own deck. Now, keep the following points in mind:

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  • Organize your deck with a large amount of necessary and relevant Trainer cards.
  • Instead of taking a lot of energy cards, keep trainer cards that would help draw energy cards from the deck or discard pile.
  • Also, choose more Special Energy Cards than Normal Cards. Take only the correct amount of normal energy cards.
  • Also, don’t think you can’t have a card until you open the packs. You can trade the remaining vacancy of a particular card type until you have 4 in total, for gems.
  • Avoid choosing V or V-max cards that would cause little damage or have very low HP. Remember that if your opponent hits your V cards, they take 2 prize cards. Therefore, if your V or V-max card does not have a high attack multiplier or high HP, it is basically useless.

Mistakes to avoid in a fight

It is necessary to keep in mind the complex rules of this game during battles. When you can attack when you just need to store energy, that’s part of the tactic. But if you can attack, that’s what the rules tell you.

How to Avoid Mistakes During Battle in Pokemon TCG Live

  • First, keep in mind that a maximum of 4 Pokémon cards of the same type are allowed in a deck. Therefore, if you plan your strategies around a particular Pokemon, keep all 4 of that particular Pokemon card in your deck.
  • A very small but hard-hitting mistake that many players tend to make is not creating a strong bench. Remember that if there are no Pokemon on your bench once your active Pokemon is knocked out, the game ends and you lose.
  • Keep track of time. Don’t take a lot of time for each round and think about your upcoming moves. Remember that once your time is up and you still haven’t won all 6 prize cards, you lose. Even if you have won more Prize cards than your opponent.
  • Do not use all Trainer cards in one turn. In this case, you would end up with useless cards from the deck, one each turn. The game basically shows all possible moves during a round. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make the move. Use your own intelligence in such circumstances.
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  • Also, don’t waste your time reading the instructions on the card when it’s your turn. Do this when the opponents have their turn.
  • If you still have cards in your hand, do not play the “Professor’s Search” card, even if the game prompts you to do so. Use it only when your hand is about to run out or you have cards that won’t help you at that time.
  • Also, don’t switch your opponents between their Pokemon when you can’t stun the Pokemon you’re about to bring into their active area with a single hit. There may be repercussions if you do. Change your opponent’s Pokemon as a finishing move. Say you have 2 prize cards left, then you switch your opponent’s active Pokemon with any likely V-Pokemon from their Bench and knock it out with one hit.
  • Finally, remember that in addition to your own tactics and strategies, the game also depends on luck and the quality of a hand card you get. Therefore, if you get a bad hand, there’s always next time.

Final Thoughts

The Pokemon TCG Live has undoubtedly brought manual play to life. Nostalgic feelings about the game came alive. Check out our other articles on this game and become an expert on the game if you aren’t already.

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