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Car Thieves Caught Using $ 27,000 Hack Device Disguised As Game Boy

A short while ago, we shared with you how the latest public health crisis made this an open season for car thieves across America. It turns out that the phenomenon is not limited to the United States, it is also spreading to the United Kingdom. This time, however, the thieves’ nefarious intentions were hidden in a form factor that just made people think they were playing Super Mario Land.
That’s right, a merry gang of British thieves were arrested this week on suspicion of auto theft. In their possession was an electronic hacking device designed to bypass vehicle security systems. Surprisingly, the device was almost identical to that of a Nintendo Game Boy.

The interior of the case bears no resemblance to the iconic handheld from the early 90s. The plastic case is a modern reproduction of the Game Boy with dimensions that, at least at first glance, appear identical to the console. laptop that brought us Tetris.

Inside the case could be a wide array of different components and hardware. Devices of this variety are relatively easy to find on websites like Alibaba and Wish.com.

While most are destined to spend their lives playing illegally downloaded video game ROMs, a handful have been installed with cutting edge hacking software that can not only unlock a vehicle, but also start the engine and simply drive away.

These particular thieves were caught attempting to steal a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV on CCTV in a West Yorkshire car park. Three of the men were arrested soon after, and one was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

The other two were given a 22-month suspended prison sentence. It looks like the latest generation of high-tech flight devices still aren’t up to the task of looking around for a few seconds to make sure there aren’t any cameras around.

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