By expanding its digital ID territory, Apple obtains a patent that puts its devices at the center of transactions


Apple has been granted a US patent relating to digital identification authentication using mobile devices.

The new patent (11494574 B2), spotted by Apple obviouslyis used for digital authentication identity documentsand at first glance seems to cover many steps to prove the authenticity of the documents presented.

Apple has protection for identity document authentication software and hardware. The material would receive and transmit a representation of a document whose legitimacy is judged.

Businesses and other entities are exasperated by the proliferation of online fraud and are looking for every way to know with greater certainty and at a reasonable cost who they are dealing with.

Physical IDs are evolving into more sophisticated anti-fraud documents, but most of the improvements are physical, which are often unnecessary in online transactions.

The representation would not be a copy of the document – ​​a driver’s license, for example. This would be data about the form factor of the document that would be compared to a record of a previous representation.

This data can be the proximity of a watermark to the first or last name of the person requiring authentication. It can also be the proximity of any personal information, which is not unique, but not common.

The software could perform on-device facial image comparisons, analyzing a driver’s license photo to a live image, and with consent, the software could update its records, periodically finding new images as as a person ages.

After evaluating the record and the new representation, the device would send its verdict to the entity, a third-party service company or an issuing government agency, that requested the authentication.

Devices like the iPhone could also capture images of infrared and red-green-blue light IDs, which are authentication data that can be shared online.

Last month, Apple integrated its Wallet application with mobile driving licenses. IOS 16 was Apple’s first step in having an impact on the customer. And shortly before that, corporate executives noted that they want the brand to be ubiquitous in digital IDs.

And, of course, Apple is busy trying to Overcome the 50 US states in its campaign to put the digital driver’s license in everyone’s wallet. He seems to establish the right relationships. December came reports that Apple was working with the US Transportation Administration to digitize identity documents.

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