Best game console 2022: PlayStation, Xbox or Switch?


1. PlayStation 5 – Best PlayStation Experience

The PlayStation 5 represents the pinnacle of next-gen gaming, delivering solid 4K @ 60fps gameplay (or even 120fps with a compatible TV) as well as lightning-fast load times thanks to the inclusion of a custom-designed SSD – although it’s a bit small at 825GB, and unlike the Xbox Series X, it’s quite difficult (and expensive) to upgrade the internal storage.

As for performance, expect ray tracing, high-quality textures, improved particle effects, and a generally higher fidelity experience than the PS4, but that’s arguably the DualSense controller that really separates it from the competition.

Sony’s DualSense controller sports adjustable triggers, which means the bumpers can better simulate the trigger of a gun or fire a bow before firing, and the advanced haptic motors make things much more realistic too. The two technologies combined offer a huge step up from the Xbox controller, which offers minimal differences at best.

There may not be a less powerful variant like the Xbox Series S, but there is the discless PS5 Digital available at a discount without compromising on next-gen performance.

Be warned though: the PS5 is a chonk no matter which variant you choose.


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