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Chromebooks were in the spotlight this year. Along with the surge in online education, Chromebooks have also benefited from the lack of competition from Windows laptops in the entry-level segment. For now, Chromebooks are in the mainstream conversation and brands like Asus want to take advantage of the opportunity. The latest Chromebook CX1101 from Asus offers longer battery life, great sound and a competitive price. But can I use this Chromebook every day? Is the Chrome operating system good for the job I do? I had a lot of similar questions in mind before I started using this device. Here is my review of the Asus CX1101 Chromebook.

Asus CX1101 Chromebook Price in India: 18 990 rupees

Asus Chromebook CX1101 review: Design and aesthetics

Budget laptops rarely impress in terms of design, but the Asus CX1101 Chromebook is an exception. With a silver (y) plastic cover and base, this Chromebook is attractive. However, don’t be fooled by its plastic construction. It seems quite durable, and thanks to the MIL-STD 810H certification, the laptop can withstand bumps, knocks and scratches. I wouldn’t mind carrying this Chromebook around for my next work trip, it’s so light which makes it ideal for travel.

With a silver (y) plastic cover and base, this Chromebook is attractive. (Image credit: Anuj Bhatia / Indian Express)

Chromebook CX1101 is not powered on at ports. On the right side of the chassis, there is a USB-C port next to a USB-C connection and a Kensington lock, and on the left, you will find another USB-C connection next to the USB- port. A, headphone / microphone combo jack, microSD card slot. The USB-C port supports DisplayPort over USB-C, allowing you to use an external display. It is also the charging port.

Asus Chromebook CX1101 review: screen and speakers

I wouldn’t say the screen is the weakest part of the Chromebook CX1101. The CX1101 has an 11.6-inch non-touch IPS anti-glare display. The display has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Let’s be clear: the display isn’t very crisp, but quite vibrant and colorful. I can read newspaper articles, watch shows on Netflix, and work on Google Docs. Some would argue that the 11.6in screen size is too small, but it’s great if you want something portable, although the bezels at the top and bottom of the screen are quite wide. The webcam is nothing fancy either; just a regular 720P camera that gets the job done.

Asus, Asus Chromebook CX1, Asus Chromebook CX1 review, Asus Chromebook price in India, Chromebooks, Google Chromebooks, Chrome OS The CX1101 has an 11.6 inch IPS non-touch screen. (Image credit: Anuj Bhatia / Indian Express)

I have to say that audio is a strong point of the Chromebook CX1101. After spending time watching movies and listening to music on the CX1101, I was impressed with the stereo speakers. What I have found is that the speakers can get quite loud, an improvement over the audio output you would expect from a budget laptop. However, they don’t have the punch or surround effect. But it’s good.

Asus Chromebook CX1101 review: keyboard and trackpad

The keyboard on Asus laptops has improved dramatically and the Chromebook CX1101 is no exception. This keyboard is comfortable with a good trip and, more importantly, it offers just enough tactile feedback to make typing feel comfortable and precise. It’s also splash proof, though it doesn’t have the backlight option. Also, I found the trackpad to be not as big as it should have been, but I find it easy to use.

The keyboard looks fantastic on this Chromebook made by Asus. (Image credit: Anuj Bhatia / Indian Express)

Asus Chromebook CX1101 review: performance and battery

What I have found is that, in typical use, the Chromebook CX1101 will be perfect for most casual users, or for someone who is new to a computer. I’m sure if you push the CX1101 hard enough, you can slow down the CX1’s dual-core Intel Celeron N4020 processor a bit. This is what you would expect from a budget Chromebook. Anyone really concerned about power should know the limits of using a Chromebook and probably consider another option, preferably a Windows laptop.

But the CX1101 won’t disappoint if you stick to the basics… surfing the web, giving a presentation, writing an assignment on Google Docs, and more. performance is affected. Yes, you can download and install games on the CX1101 through the Google Play Store, although performance will vary depending on the game you are playing. I tested a few games on the CX1101 and my experience was totally different for different games. In terms of memory, the Chromebook CX1101 comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC storage.

Asus, Asus Chromebook CX1, Asus Chromebook CX1 review, Asus Chromebook price in India, Chromebooks, Google Chromebooks, Chrome OS The Google Play Store is fully supported on this Chromebook. (Image credit: Anuj Bhatia / Indian Express)

The CX1101 runs Google’s Chrome operating system, and that’s a breath of fresh air if you’ve been using Windows all your life. The Chrome operating system is a little different from Windows but promises compatibility with Android applications, such as found on smartphones. Of course, Chrome OS is not as versatile as Windows because a lot of basic apps are still missing, but it caters to a different set of users and that is why Google’s operating system performs in an important way. .

Battery life is better on the Chromebook CX1101 than it is on Windows laptops which cost a lot more. I was getting about 10 hours of real world use on a single charge while testing. This is great for a budget laptop.

Asus Chromebook CX1101 review: should you buy it?

Chromebooks have found a niche during the pandemic, which Google and its partners have always wanted – especially in a market like India. The Chromebook CX1101 has a solid design and battery life that lasts all day. The screen is decent rather than exceptional and the design of the device is excellent. I think Chromebooks are getting a lot better. They are reasonably priced, and being aimed at users who primarily want to use web apps and simplistic computing tasks, Chromebooks perform wonderfully.


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