AppLovin Launches NFT Marketplace for Mobile Game Developers


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  • AppLovin has launched its first NFT marketplace for mobile game developers.
  • The new platform will help mobile game makers monetize their projects through web3.
  • The project is part of AppLovin’s Web3 subsidiary, OpenVessel, which allows game makers to embed NFTs into their games.

AppLovin (NASDAQ: APP) has announced the launch of its NFT marketplace for mobile games. The new project is part of the company’s OpenVessel subsidiary, which allows mobile game developers to embed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into games for additional revenue streams. The app is already available in Apple and Google Play stores.

Commenting on the launch, Rafael Vivas, General Manager of New Initiatives at AppLovin, said Vessel is helping to revolutionize mobile gaming, providing developers with a new opportunity to monetize apps. It is also an opportunity for community integration and growth.

“The market is live, and our engagement data shows that consumers are more than ready to participate in new ways to play and win. Combining consumer demand for creating and buying NFTs with the high levels of engagement associated with games, Vessel shows strong potential as a new monetization stream for mobile games,” added Live.

Vessel is designed to be an all-in-one NFT marketplace and wallet, giving players easier access to Web3 resources. They will be able to buy, sell and trade their NFTs and convert their in-game earrings into cash.

The platform is already attracting developers with dozens of them integrating the marketplace into their games to boost revenue generation. One of the notable game developers who have already taken the plunge is Lion Studios, which has incorporated an in-game NFT event into its Match 3D game.

The company reported a huge increase in engagement and a significant increase in average revenue per daily active user.

Randal York, Product Manager for Lion Studios, commented, “NFTs have always had the potential to be a powerful tool for developers; all we had to do was simplify the idea so our customers could understand the benefit. “Vessel gave us that ability and our audience embraced it. It was amazing to see a significant increase in in-app purchases for our NFT event compared to previous events.

Although some mainstream game developers have embraced Web3 monetization via NFTs, some of their communities have expressed dissatisfaction with the decisions made by game makers.

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