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Apple @ Work: it’s time for Apple to launch a “Pro” messaging application for professionals


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I became a Mac user in 2004 thanks to a recommendation from a colleague at the time. My first Mac was the 12 inch PowerBook running OS X Panther. One of the first apps I used was Mail.app running my .Mac email address (which still works when transitioning to MobileMe and possibly iCloud). Email is one of the most widely used applications on users’ computers, as it is still the primary device for business communication. However, the problem with the Mail app in 2021 is that it is not this very different from what it was 16 years ago. So, just like Microsoft has Outlook and Windows Mail, is it time for Apple to make Apple Mail Pro and Apple Mail Lite for macOS and iOS?

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There are so many features that other messaging apps like Spark, Peak, Two birds, Hey, and even Outlook offers compared to Apple Mail’s feature set which is starting to look bare when compared to alternatives. However, as I mentioned at the start, Apple Mail is probably one of the most popular apps on macOS and iOS, so if they wanted to keep them Easy for novice users, they could rename it to Apple Mail Lite and then work on a Pro version which would be ideal for business users and prosumers. So here are some of the features I would like to see offered:

Scheduled sending – Send later

In a world where remote and hybrid working is quickly becoming the default, I’d like to see Apple implement a scheduled send feature in a Pro version of the Apple Mail app. Scheduled Send is a great feature when you catch up with work over the weekend or know a colleague is out of the office. Instead of sending the email immediately, a scheduled send feature would let you write it down and then schedule it for delivery later.

Message repeat functionality

Snooze is rife in messaging apps today, and I haven’t figured out why Apple hasn’t implemented it yet. If you receive an email that you know you won’t have the mental energy or time to process right now, you can reschedule it to another time to clear your inbox for now. This feature is present in almost every other messaging app that I have tried in the past few years.

Integrated task API

Apple designed the Reminders app to be a robust app that can almost replace Todoist Where Things. However, I would like to see Apple take it a step further and create a Tasks API for its Pro Mail app to manage my tasks from within Todoist or Things without leaving my email app.

Integrated calendar API

I love having a dedicated calendar app, but I would like Apple to give visibility to my calendar from my email app. Similar to a task API, a calendar API would allow applications like Fantastic and Apple’s Calendar app show your upcoming schedule, see how invitations affect your daily schedule, and more. The idea is to create a single window for email and calendar, similar to how Outlook works.

Mail application add-ons

A final way for Apple to expand its Pro messaging app is to create a “messaging app store” similar to what they’ve done with iMessage apps. It would be a way for countless other apps to build their own email integrations and add-ons.

Smart filtering

The volume of emails I receive keeps increasing, so I would like Apple to incorporate some information into their Mail app to help categorize messages the same way as Spark does. Smart inbox and Spike Priority inbox to help you focus on the most important emails while ignoring receipts, newsletter, etc. until a later date.

What else?

What should Apple add to a Pro version of its messaging app? I think there is a template for an App Store in a Global App. Email is such an essential part of our work experience that it is possible to innovate by allowing you to integrate calendars, tasks, contacts, RSS feeds, etc. in your messaging app.

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