Apple-1 computer sold for almost $700,000 at auction: exact device used by Steve Jobs


Classic Apple products have been auctioned off for a while now, and either way, they usually fetch high prices. Just recently, an Apple-1 computer said to have been used by Steve Jobs himself was auctioned off for nearly $700,000.

Apple-1 sold at auction was bought for almost $700,000

The reason the Apple-1 is sought after is not because of its technology but simply because of where it came from. Apple, one of the greatest companies in the world today, had to start somewhere, and the traces of its early technologies have turned into collectibles commemorating the beginning of one of the greatest companies in the world.

A rare Apple-1 has been auctioned off for nearly $700,000, and it’s said to come from a strong lineage as it was built by Steve Wozniak himself and also used by Steve Jobs to try and get the store. Mountain View Computer Companies, a pioneering retailer, sold their products in 1976, according to the Mercury News story.

A Bay Area collector paid $677,196 for the Apple-1 but decided to remain anonymous

The computer, however, was not in good condition as the Bay Area News Group reported that the broken circuit board had apparently been “stacked in a drawer for years”. Although it didn’t work, a collector paid $677,196 for the winning bid on the Apple-1 computer.

The winning collector wished to remain anonymous. According to Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of RR Auction, there’s no Apple-1 that doesn’t exist without the board even calling it the “holy grail of Steve Jobs and memories of ‘Apple’.

The legitimacy of the Apple-1 at auction was confirmed by Polaroid photographs

In order to verify its legitimacy, the painting was observed and found to match the first Polaroid photographs taken by the owner of the Byte Shop in Mountain View in 1976, Paul Terrell.

Early Polaroid photographs reportedly showed the prototype in use. Corey Cohen, an expert, wrote a 13-page notarized report that accompanied the sale and was responsible for reviewing and authenticating the Apple-1 being auctioned.

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The most expensive Apple-1 sold was $905,000

The Mercury News article notes that after being handed over to the seller about 30 years ago by Steve Jobs himself, the prototype had remained on Apple Garage property year after year.

The sale of the Apple-1 computer was able to exceed expectations as reported in Tom’s Hardware by $500,000. However, this is not the highest price the Apple-1 has been able to achieve.

In an article by Bonhams, a record $905,000 was auctioned, making the computer “the world’s most valuable relic of the computer age”. The optional specific computer was one of 50 that were hand-built by Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs’ garage.

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