Apex Legends Mobile’s New Animated Short Reveals Fade’s Past


One of Apex Legends Mobile’s biggest draws is its mobile-exclusive legend, Fade, whose story can only be uncovered by collecting Fade Chips in the mobile game and piecing together its past. But today, that all changed with the release of “Meet Fade,” a Stories From The Outlands-style fully animated short detailing the new legend’s backstory.

Players received most of Fade’s story through his in-game biography (which was later updated with more information) and by collecting Fade Chips, which revealed most of the details. But Respawn seems to understand the value of introducing new characters via animated shorts, especially for players who may not have completed the in-game quest to unlock Fade’s backstory, or who don’t. started playing Apex Mobile only after the event ended.

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The short itself doesn’t reveal too much new information, but it does allow players to get a closer look at exactly how Fade’s mock suit heist unfolded – and how it played out from the sidelines. Fade (real name Ignacio Huamani), his father and brothers are all former mercenaries turned treasure hunters. After finding a crashed IMC freighter containing a mock suit, Ignacio immediately tries it on – much to his brother’s dismay, as the suit they steal is meant to be sold to a customer.

Moments later, the family is ambushed by mercenaries. Knowing they are doomed, Ignacio’s father removes a curious dog tag, throws it at Fade’s brother, Luis, and orders the two brothers to run. Luis must physically pull Ignacio out of the shootout as the future legend yells “Daddy!” in a heartbreaking scene that eerily resembles Loba’s reaction to seeing her father murdered at the hands of Revenant.

Fade tries on the sham costume moments before her family is ambushed.

Luis and Ignacio fail to get out of the crashed ship in time, and Luis jumps to take a bullet for Fade, dying in his brother’s arms as the mercenaries close in. Following his brother’s last words, Fade rushes forward, using the simulacrum suit to disappear safely into the void.

But unlike Wraith’s Phase Tech, Fade allows her to traverse both space and time. When he emerges from the void, his family’s bodies are gone and all that remains is his father’s dog tag. Unfortunately, the mercenaries who killed them are still on the prowl, knowing that Fade would eventually return. He quickly dispatches all but one of the mercenaries, demanding that the man tell him who he takes orders from so he can track down the person who had his family killed. The mercenary refuses, telling Ignacio he better put the suit back on, as the man who sent the mercenaries after Fade’s family is “not the kind of guy you’re looking for”.

Fade's father's dog tag, which he recovers after the murder of his family
Fade’s father’s dog tag, which he recovers after the murder of his family

Fade disagrees, killing the last mercenary on the spot and declaring his intention to find the man behind the murder of his family by showing off his simulacrum costume at the Apex Games. It’s unclear what’s next for Fade, but it’s sure to get the attention it craves – the Apex Games are streaming across the Outlands, and seeing this simulacrum costume in action is sure to raise some eyebrows.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download at iOS and android.

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