Apex Legends mobile players can now play Loba for free for a limited time


Apex Legends Mobile Season 2.5: Hyperbeat has brought a lot of new content to Respawn’s mobile shooter, including a slew of in-game events that give players free rewards for participating. But a new event debuted today that breaks away from the usual “complete challenge, get loot” formula that most events tend to stick to. This event doesn’t even have a name, and when it comes to rewards, there’s no game forever – you’ll have to turn in your “reward” when the event ends. However, it offers players a unique and free (albeit temporary) opportunity to do something special: play as Loba, without having to purchase it.

Similar to an event last season that allowed players to take Fade for a temporary test drive without having to purchase it, this event gives players two days to spin Loba without having to spend 750 Syndicate Gold (about $7. $50 USD) needed to unlock the character directly or purchase with leftover Legend Shards from previous seasons. If you’re dying to try Loba but are hesitant to shell out the cash, now is the perfect opportunity to get to know the sneaky jewel thief and take a close look at her abilities.

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Initially available in the mobile game alongside the Season 1.5 Update: Cold Snap, Loba’s skills make her every Loot Goblin’s dream, and her Black Market ability also makes her an incredibly valuable character for players who don’t have the patience to deal with Apex. Mobile’s somewhat clunky looting system. With the added mobility of her Tactical Jump Drive, Loba is a well-rounded legend who comes in handy in many situations, so be sure to try her out for yourself before the free trial ends.

To play as Loba for free in Apex Legends Mobile, open the app and select “Go!” on the event pop-up ad that will appear when you first launch the game. Then select the “Play” button on the main lobby screen and load your first match. You can also test Loba’s abilities in the Firing Range, but don’t delay, as Loba will only be playable for free until September 14.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download at android and iOS devices.

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