Anu’s device from New Tales from the Borderlands should be a weapon in Borderlands 4


With New Tales from the Borderlands available now, many fans are hoping Gearbox will turn their attention to Borderlands 4. Currently, fans have no idea what the next entry in the main series will look like, as everything from specific plot details to Vault Hunter’s casting remain unknown. However, fans can surely expect a massive range of guns in Borderlands 4and one of the Legendaries should be directly inspired by New Tales from the Borderlands.


While the main attraction of New Tales from the Borderlands is the characters, with L0U13 in particular being as adorable as they come, the game also features a significant device with some interesting powers. As the story progresses, this device changes forms and abilities, but all of its functions would be fun to revisit via a usable weapon in the next hand. Borderlands Game. If done correctly, it could be one of the most memorable legendaries to date.

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How Anu’s device works in New Tales from the Borderlands

Anu’s device appears at the very start of the game, with Gearbox clarifying its importance to the story right off the bat. After Marcus Kincaid finishes his narration, players take control of Anu as she searches for the Eridium to power her device – one item she’s adamant is not a gun. After failing to present the non-lethal device to Rhys Strongfork, the CEO of Atlas and one of the protagonists of the original Tales from the BordersAnu finds himself in the middle of a Tediore invasion.

With her device in tow, Anuradha Dar finds herself in a number of interesting situations, and the weapon constantly keeps her alive. When fired, it mimics the power of a mermaid, teleporting the targeted object and sending it on “vacation”. Although the device is a prototype, meaning Anu can’t bring things back, it’s still very powerful. After retrieving a mysterious green crystal from a safe, the functionality of the device changes, as the crystal inserted inside will heal anyone downed. While instantly healing any wound and bringing someone back from the dead is extreme, this could be a perfect mechanic for a looter shooter like Borderlands.

How Anu’s Device Could Work in Borderlands 4

Like some of Borderlands 3the most memorable weapons, Borderlands 4 giving Anu’s device two firing modes could be a great way to represent his dual functions. With the main mode, players could teleport enemies. Assuming Rhys started taking Anu’s technology more seriously after saving the day, an upgraded version of the device could have been created and fully functional. If so, players can bring back enemies every time they fire the weapon again. This could be a great way to score environmental kills, knock enemies off the map or near elemental barrels. Additionally, enemies could be moved to an ally’s action skill.

As for the other firing mode, the green healing beam could be a perfect tool for co-op play. Once equipped, players could restore the health of their allies, with Gearbox keeping the weapon balanced by not allowing it to restore shields or Eridium being needed to power it. Plus, it could work as a revive gun, doubling as a long-range way to pick up Vault Hunters stuck in the fight for your life. Having this alternative healing option would add an interesting layer of strategy, as players engaging with difficult content could be encouraged to use Anu’s device.

If added, the weapon could be called The Hermes, as it was one of the dialogue choices available when naming in New Tales from the Borderlands. The red text could also read “definitely not a gun”, playing on the running gag where Anu refuses to accept the idea of ​​his life-saving creation being called a gun. With so much potential in The Hermes being usable Borderlands 4 weapon, Gearbox may consider adding it as a way to honor New Tales from the Borderlands.

New Tales from the Borderlands is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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