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Looks like Inner laziness and Krafton are working together to bring new content to their latest PUBG Title, New Mobile State. From April 21 to May 19, New Mobile State players will be able to embrace their inner impostor through a Among us-themed mini-game, a suite of new in-game items, newly added Troi map props, and more.

Here is all the Among us– thematic content to come New Mobile State during this collaborative event:

  • Check out The Sting of Betrayal on the starting island of Troi: Based on the basic mechanics of Among usplayers will be able to participate in a themed mini-game before the start of a match on Troi.

    • When teams enter the starting island, they can play a quick game of Among us before the start of a match.

    • One team member will be randomly designated as the impostor while the other members try to avoid being killed by the impostor.

    • The impostor can use weapons to eliminate squad members during the minigame.

  • Dress to kill (like an impostor): Through the purchase of special themed crates, players can acquire a variety of in-game items, including a mask, cloak, loungewear, backpack, weapons, vehicles, and more.

  • Attachments for teammates infiltrate Troi: During collaboration, players may be more nervous than usual as they encounter a variety of Among us Teammate-themed props scattered throughout the starting island of Troi and its Chester and Anchorville points of interest.

  • Earn rewards during a Among us Event: Starting April 21, players can take part in a special in-game event that requires them to complete a variety of unique missions. Completing these missions will earn players a Among us-theme frame, title, icon and more that can be used to add color to player profiles in-game. The more missions players complete, the more items they can earn.

New Mobile State is currently available as a free-to-play title on iOS and Android devices. It’s pretty cool to see these two popular multiplayer games working together. With a bit of luck, Among us players will also be able to see some cool gear and cosmetics by the end of the event.


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