All game modes in Apex Legends Mobile



Apex Legends Mobile features a few exclusive game modes and gameplay elements not currently found in the PC and console versions of the game. If you’re wondering what this mobile version has to offer, we’ve got all the info you need. need here. Here is all game modes in Apex Legends Mobile.

Complete list of game modes in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile indeed offers a game mode that many fans have been wondering about since the launch of the game: team deathmatch. It comes in two forms alongside several others players should be aware of.

Here is the full list of current game modes:

  • battle royale
  • Ranked Battle Royale
  • TDM: reappearance of the base
  • TDM: Random respawn
  • Arenas
  • Tutorial Levels
  • Shooting range
  • Battle Royale Events

At first glance, TDM modes are the only new additions to this list when you consider it someone who plays the other versions of Apex Legends. However, this specific tutorial is unique to the mobile version with a modified shooting range that offers weekly challenges to complete inside.

Additionally, the Battle Royale event roster includes several LTMs, which you can choose from when competing in BR matches. This includes known options such as Armed and Dangerous and Flashpoint.

That’s all you need to know about all game modes in Apex Legends Mobile. Be sure to search emagtrends for more of our Apex Legends coverage, which includes info on Fade’s abilities, game review, and more.


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