Albion Online seems to be struggling to be ported to mobile


As any YouTube user can tell you, Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG, where players write their own stories. What we might not know, however, is due to the five-second ad skip button, the game is exactly as it advertises it and more.

An entirely gamer-driven economy in which the game itself has no stake. What may be worthless on one server can make you rich on another. Players have the absolute freedom to do whatever they want, whether it be trading, crafting, building, or conquering and destroying, the world is yours.

Albion’s most important feature, aside from its very well-made sandbox setting, is its class system. There are no difficult classes and options, and players are free, and even encouraged to experiment. Investing in heavy armor and staves can make you the most overpowered wizard in the realm, just as heavy weapons and light armor will make you the most feared duelist. The possibilities are endless and entirely player-oriented.

As part of their intergenerational efforts, Sandbox Interactive has embarked on the path of adapting this mechanically intense game for mobile. As can be seen in the announcement video, making Albion Online’s mobile gamers capable of competing with PC gamers took a lot of effort, due to the constraints of mobile screen size as well as their material, but they are confident that they have achieved just this.

Interactive sandbox

Albion Online PvP Battle

However, after all, that’s said and done, their claims to compete with PC gamers go out the window in your first battle. The game is prone not only to crash, but also to freeze completely in prolonged and mechanically heavy battles. In a game where every second counts, it simply ruins your chances of winning.

It’s not just player versus player, but also player versus environment, that is thrown out the window. Which means gamers can reasonably expect that Albion mobile will be used to complete tasks on their way home from work, and that playing the game will need to be done via PC, at least for the foreseeable future.


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