Airoha Achieves 10-Year Milestone with Bluetooth® LE Audio Certification


After 10 years of technology investment, Airoha is revolutionizing the global Bluetooth audio market

“The LE Audio specification is the most significant milestone achieved in the Bluetooth audio industry in the past decade. Backed by our strong R&D team of hundreds of engineers who have accumulated nearly a decade of technical expertise, Airoha has become one of the first certified chip vendors. This is helping many customers accelerate the launch of their end devices. The wireless audio innovation brought by the latest Bluetooth LE technology will speed up the process by which consumers and businesses alike benefit from the convenient and innovative services she brings, fully demonstrating Airoha’s vision and business philosophy.” said Yuchuan Yang, Sr. Vice President of Airoha.

Bluetooth LE audio will radically change the business model of wireless audio services for consumers and businesses

AuracastMT Broadcast audio sharing, the most important technology in Bluetooth LE Audio qualification, is the industry standard for one-to-many one-way audio playback, which will radically change the audio service model of existing dedicated headphones. Like AuracastMT improves the convenience and experience of users and reduces the cost of service providers, it will inspire more innovative services and application scenarios. For example, museum tours no longer need to rent dedicated headsets, and visitors can receive audio services indoors while wearing their own portable headphones. Other venues such as gatherings, ball games, concerts, and even corporate events can also use this feature to provide personalized and innovative services that will dramatically change the consumer experience and service model of company.

In addition to supporting audio streaming, Bluetooth LE Audio also offers two major benefits: improved sound quality and low latency. In the past, true wireless stereo (TWS) Bluetooth headphones were limited by size, weight, and battery capacity, making it difficult to balance hardware requirements and sound quality. According to the Bluetooth SIG, the LC3 codec introduced by LE Audio can transmit audio at half the bit rate of traditional SBC without compromising sound quality. In addition, LE Audio reduces the latency problem by 70%. Therefore, in the foreseeable future, LC3 will become a standard for high-quality and energy-efficient Bluetooth audio codec.

Market-leading launch of two series of Bluetooth LE audio chips

By releasing two series of chips, Airoha Technology not only brings new experiences and changes to the global wireless audio market, but they also introduced the high-performance, low-power consumption Software Development Kit (SDK) . Incorporating the full range of features required by different Bluetooth applications, the SDK further simplifies the R&D design of Bluetooth connectivity and enables its customers to accelerate their end devices to market and create a new seamless user experience.

  • Flagship series: The performance leader AB1585 supports the latest LE Audio and Bluetooth 5.3, with built-in HiFi 5 DSP for high computing power, suitable for running AI algorithms, and provides customizable and flexible applications for headphones, TWS, speakers and assistive listening devices, etc., while simultaneously enabling a personalized wireless audio experience beyond imagination.
  • Professional Series: The low power consumption and highly integrated AB1565/AB1568 supports the latest LE Audio and Bluetooth 5.3 system which is suitable for Bluetooth headphones, TWS, speakers and transmitters. It also enables mass and rapid introduction of market applications for the enterprise and professional user experience.

About Airoha Technology

Airoha Technology Corp., a fabless IC design company and one of MediaTek’s subsidiaries, dedicated to four technology areas: Bluetooth, Satellite, Broadband and Ethernet. Its fixed network team was established in 2001, followed by the wireless communication team, a spin-off of MediaTek, in 2017. All members of both teams have over 20 years of experience in their respective technical fields. .

With its customer-centric culture that drives engineering excellence, Airoha is committed to shortening the product development cycle for its customers and creating great experiences for consumers. Therefore, Airoha has the widest customer base, including almost all major brands in the above four technology fields. Airoha’s vision is to make technology accessible for the benefit of all end users and businesses.

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