A Major PS5 Gameplay Feature Could Be Leaked


A new PS5 gameplay feature in the works may have just leaked, thanks to a newly unveiled patent from Sony. The patent in question revealed what is essentially a “What If” feature that would allow PS5 users to not only view replays of their gameplay, but also view various outcomes that would have occurred had they made a different decision. . For example, if they dodged rather than dodged a hit from a boss.

“Methods and systems are provided for generating an outcome of a previous game,” reads a patent abstract. “The method includes providing access to a record of the previous game, the record is one that has been shared by a player for the previous game. The method includes providing an interface that identifies one or more scenarios of simulation for the previous game The one or more simulation scenarios selected to be included in the interface are based on processing the previous game record through a machine learning model to identify the simulation scenarios for the user , and options for what-if scenarios are provided in the user interface.”

The summary continues: “The method includes enabling the selection of at least one of the simulation scenarios from among the options. The selection results in an adjustment of the metadata associated with the recording of the previous game. The method includes replaying the record that was selected using the adjusted metadata to generate the alternate result of the previous gameplay.

It sounds like an ambitious feature, and one that developers should support rather than just being universal. Whether anything will come out of this patent remains to be seen. Sony patents a wide range of things that never come to fruition, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it never goes beyond the concept stage. In the meantime, if so, there’s no guarantee it’ll be via the PS5.

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