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5 cool mobile games that will help pass the time


Have a smartphone, going to travel?

You’re not alone.

On 85% of Americans now own a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center, which makes it the most popular technology we own – and something as ideal to use away from home as it is indoors.

Indeed, with the enormous Thanksgiving Travel Week Awaits Us, these pocket companions are ideal for keeping in touch, navigating unfamiliar cities, researching last-minute prank recipes, and capturing memories with family and friends around the table.

Phones and tablets are also ideal for entertaining on planes, trains, and as passengers in automobiles.

Whether you’re looking for something fun and free to download to your device – or ideas for reducing the dreaded “Are we there yet?” From the backseat – here are five new titles to consider on the App Store (iPhone, iPad) or Google Play (Android devices).

Note: Although free, these following games include optional in-app purchases for additional content.

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FarmTown 3

Twelve years and over 700 million downloads later, Zynga’s FarmVille franchise is one of the most popular “sims” you can play – and now FarmTown 3 has arisen for players of all ages.

As you might expect, use your finger to create and maintain your own vibrant farmhouse.

Raise animals (from hundreds of types to choose from), harvest what they produce (eggs, milk, wool, meat), trade or sell goods to complete customer orders and make your farm a big business and sustainable.

Much of the fun for kids (and kids at heart) is pairing and mating your animals to raise babies and discover new breeds – including rare breeds – as well as customizing and designing your family ranch. with build styles, decorations, outfits and more. .

There is also an option to join someone else playing FarmVille 3, online, to complete special co-op (co-op) events to unlock new farm animals and special items.

Pikmin Bloom

What's old is new again - and now with the help of augmented reality.  Nintendo's flowery strategy game series is infused with Niantic AR technology, to create a game you must play on the go.

Originally released 20 years ago for the Nintendo GameCube, Pikmin challenged players to help a hapless astronaut find strewn spaceship pieces before his life support system runs out (while avoiding hungry predators at the same time).

Today, the strategy game series is enriched with augmented reality (“AR”) using Niantic – the people behind the Pokémon GO phenomenon – which has you playing around with your phone in real life (“IRL” as kids would say) to see and interact with the plant-like Pikmin creatures, apparently around you, when seen through your phone’s camera lens.

Called Pikmin Bloom, you will hatch different kinds of colorful Pikmin from seedlings found along your way and they will follow you everywhere. Extract the nectar from the fruits and feed them and they will sprout flowers on the top of their heads. The more you walk, the more your loyal squad will grow.

The monthly Pikmin Bloom Community Day events will soon have you walking, planting, and playing with others.

Collect them all!

It might not be much to watch, but Voodoo's easy-to-learn puzzle game is a worldwide hit for its accessibility, charm, and countless levels to navigate.

While not an original concept, there is something oddly addictive about it. VoodooCollect them all! for ios and Android.

Easy to pick up but practically impossible to put down, your goal is to make the longest possible strings of adjacent balls of the same color.

Therefore, you’ll slide your finger up, down, or even diagonally, to create a chain of, say, red, blue, orange, purple, or green balls – but you only have a certain number. of movements to reach the goal, which varies according to the level.

If you can chain enough balls together, say 10 or more, it will blow up part of the board to help you. On a related note, use boosters, like rockets and bombs, to clear the board. Your success by level is measured against others in a global leaderboard.

It’s also fun to earn coins to change the ‘skin’ of balls into something else, but what’s not fun are all the ads you need to sit in this game (unless than you pay a few dollars).

NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition

With improvements over its processor, NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition - for the Apple Arcade service ($ 4.99 / month) - merges intense professional basketball with gorgeous graphics and multiple single and multiplayer game modes.

Available exclusively for Apple Arcade – a $ 4.99 / month service that offers hundreds of games to play on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac – 2K’sNBA 2K22 Arcade Edition gives NBA fans the thrill of professional basketball wherever life takes them.

Play with or against today’s superstars, like Damien lillard and Kevin Durant, in a variety of game modes, including Quick Match, Online Multiplayer, or Blacktop, which is a 3v3 street ball variant. If you want more depth, become the general manager and head coach of your franchise NBA favorite in Association mode, to transact, sign free agents, search for leads, and control your team’s finances.

Or, like its console brethren, MyCareer mode lets you create and customize a budding NBA star from scratch and see if you can achieve All-Star status over time.

Surprisingly, the game looks and sounds like an NBA TV game, and the touchscreen controls are precise and responsive. You can use a gamepad on iPhone and iPad gaming, if you like, but you’ll need it to play Apple TV and Mac versions.

While only for Apple Arcade, Android gamers can play the same NBA 2K Mobile Basketball Game.

PUGB: new state

Battle Royale fans have a new mobile game to indulge in: PUBG: New State is an ambitious action game, played in both first and third person, that pits you against others on a field. futuristic battlefield.

KraftonThe bestselling free-to-play action game became # 1 in more than 165 countries when it launched in november, the developer says.

Based on the popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds action game series on other platforms, PUBG: new state is a battle royale style adventure that pits 100 players against each other on a remote island. You need to stay alive as long as you can by using high tech weapons, picking up supplies, and battling other humans to become the last person standing.

As you would expect in a game set in 2051, PUBG: New State features aerial drones, ballistic shields, neon sights, and futuristic vehicles to drive or fly from the first or third point of view. anybody.

The game also features 4v4 multiplayer modes (like “Team Deathmatch”), seasonal events, collectible medals, and bonus cards to fight.

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