10 Best Early Game Weapons For Beginners


Seasoned Call of Duty players will have no problem entering Mobile call of duty. Most, if not all of the game’s content has been ripped from previous versions of the franchise on console and PC. This includes maps, classes, game modes, and weapons. However, newcomers to the franchise, for whom COD Mobile is the first encounter with the series, may feel slightly overwhelmed and intimidated by the amount of weapons and different play styles available in the hit mobile game from Activision and Tencent.

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In most competitive shooters, beginners will feel more comfortable with SMGs and assault rifles as they get used to the pace and mechanics of the game. Mobile call of duty is no exception to this rule. Assault rifles and submachine guns are the most “rookie-friendly” weapons in this title, and using them early on will surely help new players get used to the game without being absolutely overwhelmed in their first few matches.


COD Mobile M4 Assault Rifle

As one of the most common weapons in the game, the M4 won’t raise eyebrows, but it’s still a very reliable choice for COD: Mobile new arrivals. The M4 is a deadly assault rifle that is unlocked at level 2, so almost right out of the gate.

One of the biggest advantages of the M4, even for some of the more experienced players, is its basic accuracy, which sits at an impressive 80. The high accuracy combined with mobility rated at 70 makes it one of the best. assault rifles for COD: Mobile players whose playing styles require them to be constantly on the move.

Type 25

DCO Mobile Type 25

A lot of COD enthusiasts would say the Type 25 is a mediocre weapon to start with, but with some accessories and the right approach, it can turn out to be one of the deadliest rifles available to new players.

With its incredibly fast rate of fire and fast base reload time, this is one of the most practical assault rifles on the market. Call of Duty: Mobile. Players who decide to use it as a primary weapon should be wary of the Type 25’s high recoil, which can be damaging at medium range. Placing mobility accessories on it should turn this rifle into a deadly close-range weapon, perfect for action-packed deathmatch on some of the smaller maps.


COD Mobile QQ9 SMG

The QQ9’s base stats are pretty impressive, especially when it comes to mobility (102) and rate of fire (82). This SMG works best at close to medium range. Considering its breathtaking mobility, this weapon should be suitable for anyone who enjoys the run-and-gun style of play the most. Accuracy of 40 is the biggest problem COD fans have with the QQ9, but it’s nothing that a few attachments can’t fix.

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OWC Laser Tactical and Strike Foregrip are two of the most crucial pieces of equipment to use with the QQ9. They will dramatically improve the accuracy of this fast moving pistol, surpassing it just above the 50 point mark.


COD Mobile BK57

The BK57 can be unlocked at player level 34, so after a good few hours of play. It’s an assault rifle worth at least a try, as it has very balanced stats, and it’s one of the best guns in the game when it comes to control (Control Rating 69).

M4 users will find the BK57 to be the perfect replacement for this rifle as it improves on just about every flaw of the M4 (except basic accuracy, but this can easily be changed with attachments).


COD Mobile AK47

The AK is not only one of the best weapons for COD: Mobile beginners. It’s also probably one of the most complete assault rifles in all games. There’s a good reason for that too: This fully automatic assault rifle is one of the deadliest weapons ever, and that’s reflected in its COD: Mobile Statistics.

Rated at 33, AK47’s damage rate is among the highest in the entire game. Very high damage rate is somewhat nerfed by very high knockback, making it quite difficult to consistently hit enemy targets. . Players who choose AK as their primary weapon should focus on attachments which will reduce recoil as much as possible.


COD ASM10 Mobile Assault Rifle

Despite its low mobility, the ASM10 is one of the most versatile assault rifles of all Mobile call of duty. Players can use it at long range, but also get close to their targets while wielding the ASM10. It’s probably not the most convenient weapon for scouring the map and spotting enemies, but it can certainly get the job done.

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Attaching a tactical front grip and granulated tape to the ASM10 will dramatically increase its mobility so that the rifle will be as effective at close to medium range as it is over long distances.


COD Mobile HVK-30

Although it looks more like an SMG at first glance, the HVK-30 is an assault rifle in its own right. Due to its small size, it is very mobile (76). Its rate of fire is also very fast (71). This is the ultimate run-and-gun weapon, and very precise, too. Players who aren’t as comfortable exposing themselves to enemy fire will be happy to learn that the HVK-30 is also effective at medium and long ranges.

Regarding the best accessories for the HVK-30 in DCO: Mobile, players should prioritize increasing damage using large caliber ammo, for example. The rest of this assault rifle’s stats are well over 50, which doesn’t leave much room for upgrades.


COD Mobile MX-9 SMG

The MX-9 is a fantastic SMG, with one of the highest mobility ratings in the entire game (96), as well as an astounding rate of fire (86) and some of the highest damage (30) of all COD SMGs: Mobile.

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Players can expect this weapon to work for them right away, but tweaking it with certain damage enhancing accessories, such as the large caliber ammo or the extended MIP light cannon, will turn it into an unstoppable force, capable to destroy anything that crosses its path in a matter of milliseconds.


Mobile COD Gunsmith Screen MSMC SMG

The damage and rate of fire are certainly the strongest consequences of the MSMC. At close range, it’s arguably even better than the MX-9 when it comes to kill time. Its biggest flaw, however, is the low base accuracy, rated at 37. Even with attachments, it’s difficult to elevate it without heavily nerfing this weapon’s main strengths.

On the other hand, it is an SMG, which means that it must above all be used for proximity purposes. Players who aren’t interested in this type of playstyle will likely choose other weapons, anyway.


COD Man-O-War Mobile Assault Rifle

The Man-O-War (56) range is its greatest strength. It works great as a weapon close to a medium range weapon, and even better at long range. For such a large assault rifle, its mobility of 69 is also a huge advantage, especially when comparing the Man-O-War to other weapons in its class.

In order to truly turn it into a death machine, players may want to equip it with accuracy enhancing accessories, such as the OWC Laser-Tactical and the Tactical Foregrip A, bringing the accuracy score up to 85. .

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